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McDermott Arabia Engineering formed through partnership

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McDermott International, Inc announced that one of its subsidiaries has signed a partnership agreement with Eng. Khalid S. Al Shoaibi, of the Shoaibi Group, to form McDermott Arabia Engineering, a company specializing in engineering and consulting services to the offshore oil and gas industry in Saudi Arabia.

The new office, based in Al Khobar, has been operational since July and was officially inaugurated on the 12th of October 2011 by Stephen M. Johnson, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, McDermott and Khalid S. Al Shoaibi, Shoaibi Group Director.  The new office provides a full suite of engineering services; from Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) through to offshore commissioning, complementing McDermott’s existing turnkey, engineering, procurement, construction, and installation services.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Johnson said, “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a major engineering and industrial hub in the Middle East and we at McDermott are pleased to be able to partner with a local industry expert to launch our new office and develop and grow our engineering capabilities in the Kingdom.”

With access to the best in-house engineers, project managers, fabrication and offshore installation personnel combined with more than 40 years practical experience operating in the Gulf, the company will deliver engineering solutions, focusing on constructability and ease of installation.

“The new office will also play a major role in developing Saudi Arabian engineers and we will focus on growing such talent through McDermott’s well established Graduate Engineer Development Program, which provides excellent on-the-job training in all engineering disciplines associated with the offshore construction industry,” said Johnson.

“As Saudi Arabia’s industrial sector expands rapidly, we have identified an opportunity for McDermott to grow its capabilities by offering engineering and technical services,” said Eng. Khalid S. Al Shoaibi. “The most significant achievement of this partnership is that it will enable employment of Saudi nationals, as well as provide Saudi graduate engineers invaluable experience and the opportunity to work on large scale engineering projects in Saudi Arabia.”

Mcafee announes Next Generation IPS

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The solution addresses a need for security tools to prevent increasingly sophisticated attacks, with sufficient intelligence and automation to take the guesswork out of attack prevention and resolution.

The network security framework includes significant enhancements to the McAfee Network Security Platform, including application visibility and integrated threat-context, aligning it with Gartner’s criteria for next-generation network IPS in its report, “Defining Next-Generation Network Intrusion Prevention” as published on Oct. 7, 2011.1 According to the report, “Threats are focusing on installing targeted malicious executables onto user PCs, which use advanced techniques to avoid detection and use botnet delivery mechanisms to perform multistage attacks.  Simply stopping attacks that are looking for unpatched servers is no longer sufficient in this environment.” “Gartner uses the term ‘next-generation network IPS’ to indicate the necessary evolution of network IPS to deal with changes in network communications and applications and changes in the threat landscape,” says Greg Young. Gartner Research.  “As a minimum, a next-gen IPS will have standard first-generation IPS capabilities plus application awareness, context awareness, content awareness especially providing full stack inspection.”

The McAfee network security framework includes the following aspects: Advanced Network IPS:  With tens of thousands of sensors deployed worldwide, McAfee Network Security Platform is the industry’s leading Network IPS, protecting more enterprises worldwide than any other vendor. Its protocol-based inspection provides leading protection against advanced malware, zero-day attacks, DDoS attacks, and botnets.  The latest release includes new DoS, DDoS prevention capabilities and dozens of new botnet heuristicsto more accurately and confidently identify misbehaving systems.

Application awareness and control: The McAfee Network Security Platform is the first and only IPS solution to combine advanced threat prevention and application awareness into a single security decision engine.  It includes Layer 7 visibility of over 1,100 applications and enhanced rule definition for simple application control, including the ability to correlate application activity with network attacks to intelligently affect security enforcement decisions. Predictive threat intelligence:  McAfee’s network security framework incorporates McAfee Global Threat Intelligence (GTI), providing organisations with superior protection against emerging threats.  It is the only IPS solution that can affect inline security decisions based on the identity and reputation of hundreds of billions of file, IP, URL, protocol, and geo-location data.

Context-aware security: Separating noise from legitimate threats can take up most of a security administrator’s day.  McAfee network security framework correlates data from several sources – McAfee GTI, vulnerability scans, application visibility, network behavior – to confidently identify attacks, eliminate false positives and make dynamic enforcement recommendations.  For example, a medium confidence ‘alert-only’ event can be dynamically upgraded to a high confidence ‘block’ event based on the correlation of built-in attack definitions and IP reputation intelligence. Content analysis:  Targeted attacks using advance malware techniques are becoming increasingly common, and cybercriminals are finding ways around traditional black-list based security systems.  Integration with advanced malware detection, network forensics and data loss prevention tools make McAfee’s network security framework the ultimate tool against theft of an organisation’s intellectual property.

“To fully understand and eradicate targeted attacks, you need complete visibility of all network traffic, its source and scope, and whether it occurred days, weeks, or months in the past,” said Steve Shillingford, President and CEO of Solera Networks.  “McAfee Network Security Platform’s integration with Solera’s DeepSee  applications delivers a seamless workflow to security analysts taking you from an alert to irrefutable evidence of the attack, breach or threat, dramatically reducing the time it takes to pinpoint compromises.”

By incorporating application visibility, external reputation data, behavior-based threat analysis and advanced malware detection workflows into a single solution, McAfee network security framework delivers next-generation network IPS that allow organizations to streamline security operations while dramatically reducing exposure to new attack types.

Mobile statements reduce carbon footprints – Cellfind

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That’s the word from Jacques Swanepoel, MD of Cellfind, a subsidiary of Blue Label Mobile. He says that mobile statements can bring the benefits of electronic billing to a mass market, allowing companies to save money on paper and postage while offering their clients more convenience.

Swanepoel says that companies have long understood the benefits of electronic billing, which takes paper out of the monthly statement run. However, with low penetration of Internet-connected PCs in South Africa, the reach of email or online statements is limited but with more than 100% penetration of mobile phones in South Africa, mobile statements can reach almost everyone.

“Companies can use standard technologies such as USSD or SMS that are available on all cellphones, so customers don’t even need to have a smartphone to view their statements,” says Swanepoel.

“For example, with a product like miStatement, mobile statements can reach any customer – from a township dweller or a person living in a rural area, through to suburban South Africans,” says Swanepoel. “They’re ideal for reaching people who have no fixed address since most people will carry their cellphones with them wherever they go.”

Swanepoel says that in an average billing run, companies will find that a significant number of their statements are lost or delayed in the post or shredded by a corporate firewall, which in turn delays customer payments. In addition, customers may forget to update their address details when they move. But most of them will keep their cellphone numbers constant.

“The fact that customers receive their statements immediately is another major benefit for businesses,” says Swanepoel. It streamlines the payment cycle since many people will pay the bill as soon as they receive it, perhaps using mobile banking from their cellphones. Bills can be dispatched on the same day they are compiled without the need for printing and postage delays – a big benefit to customers and companies alike since the statement the client receives will be completely up to date.

“What’s more, companies can easily track whether their statements have been delivered to a consumer’s handset or not. That means customers cannot claim that a bill got lost in the post,” says Swanepoel.

Because the statement comes directly to the user’s cellphone and is retrieved using a pin code, it is also completely secure.

In addition to the cost-savings from postage and paper, mobile statements can also alleviate some pressure on the call centre. Statement queries account for a huge amount of calls into the average call centre with customers phoning in for historical statements or to find out whether this month’s bill is. But with mobile statements, they reliably receive their statements each month and can easily ask for historical statements by simply sending a short code.

“For clients, the benefits are also significant and include a more transparent and up-to-date view of their accounts,” says Swanepoel. “It is also more convenient for them than needing to wait for a statement to arrive in the post and then needing to follow up if it never arrives.”

Altech Autopage open 4 more Gauteng stores

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South Africa’s biggest independent communications service provider will open its very first Soweto outlet in Maponya Mall on Saturday, 15 October while the company’s investment in the Johannesburg CBD continues with the launch of its Jeppe Street store on 1 October. The Glen Shopping Centre in Oakdene will boast an Altech Autopage Cellular outlet also by 15 October while The Colony Shopping Centre store in Craighall Park opened its doors on 22 September.

“Our success is built on the superior service we offer customers. This explains why despite difficult trading conditions being experienced in the retail sector we have been able to consistently expand our branch footprint,” said Boyd Chislett, Managing Director of Altech Autopage Cellular.

“With the plethora of voice and data communication options available in the market today, many current and potential customers appreciate the opportunity to interact face-to-face with our knowledgeable consultants who can advise them in a way that would never have been possible over the telephone or via email.

“Interacting electronically can be very convenient in many instances. However, our growing footprint of stores is one way of giving our customers the option of choosing between clicks or bricks when it comes to mobile advice,” explained Mr Chislett.

This combination of traditional retail and online or telephonic channels is gradually gaining ground internationally as the optimal way to enhance the customer experience. This is particularly when it comes to sophisticated mobile devices and converged solutions which can be challenging for the first time mobile consumer.

“Mobility hasn’t just grown in terms of the number of devices but also in terms of the range of functionality those devices can perform. The flipside is that customers need more help in choosing the right device for their unique needs and keeping it functioning optimally. In store interaction with trained consultants is a growing need that Altech Autopage Cellular is determined to deliver on,” added Mr Chislett.

Recent consumer research by management consultancy Accenture showed that nearly 70% of global consumers changed their mix of providers in at least one industry category during the past six to 12 months. “Many studies have shown that making the right kinds of investments during a recession can help gain real competitive advantage,” says Mr Chislett.

“We are confident that this expansion of our retail footprint in the important Gauteng market will improve the experience of our existing customers and provide a compelling reason for people to switch to Altech Autopage Cellular.”

ASUS Unveils the Zenbook ultra-portable

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ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih unveiled the long-anticipated Zenbook that fuses masterpiece design and incredible performance at a global launch event in New York along with Intel Senior Vice President and General Manager of Sales and Marketing Group, Tom Kilroy. The “Ultra Era” event opened with a vivid, yet tranquil dance to Moon Water featuring a performance artist from the internationally renowned Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan. The performance set the tone of the event, to display that the ASUS ZENBOOK is designed to be effortlessly enjoyable without compromising on performance. It exudes the perfect balance of elegance and power in an Ultrabook.

Mr. Shih then introduced four key incredible principles that guided ASUS’ development team during the ZENBOOK design phase.

Pure Design – Art melds seamlessly with technology upon viewing the ASUS ZENBOOK. The silver exterior panel features a concentric circle design that refracts a halo of light that excites the senses.  With a thickness of 0.11” at the front and 0.35” at the rear, the ZENBOOK’s exterior lines are sleek, making it the thinnest Ultrabook on the market and perfect for users constantly on-the-go or in the classroom.

Unrivalled Performance – The ZENBOOK is designed with an instant-on feature that resumes the system in about 2 seconds and features incredible standby times up to 2 weeks, which is four times more than the industry standard. Although svelte and sleek, the ZENBOOK packs an impressive and uncompromising list of technological breakthroughs. It uses the latest Intel 2 generation Core processors (optimized for mobile use), SATA Revision 3.0 solid state storage (SSD), Bluetooth V4.0 and USB 3.0. ASUS has also added USB Charger+ technology, which uses the powered USB 3.0 port to recharge portable devices in a fraction of the time it would normally take. To accommodate all of these technologies, ASUS engineers designed custom cooling technology using a V-shaped channel with a unique copper fin design for improved airflow and cooling. When battery life dips below 5 percent, the ZENBOOK™ will automatically save files in progress to prevent data loss.

Incredibly Green - The ZENBOOK provides its users a peace of mind in knowing that they are consuming less energy. It utilizes ASUS’ patented Super Hybrid Engine II technology, which intelligently conserves battery life and allows the ZENBOOK to have up to 25% more battery life than other Ultrabook designs.

Transcending Audio – Recognizing that an ultrabook is not only a tool for work, but also for entertainment, each ZENBOOK is equipped with ASUS SonicMaster technology, an optimized fusion of hardware and software developed by the ASUS Golden Ear team and Bang & Olufsen ICEpower. SonicMaster provides a wide sonic spectrum surround sound that can fill a room with smooth jazz or the tranquil sound of a mountain stream.

Leading Technology Partnership – Intel’s Senior Vice President and General Manager of Sales and Marketing Group, Tom Kilroy, expressed his excitement that Intel contributed the incredible processor technology for ASUS’s groundbreaking masterpiece.

“Today’s introduction of ASUS Zenbook is a vivid proof that Ultrabooks are ushering in a fundamental transformation of personal computing,” said Mr. Kilroy. “In the few months since Intel first unveiled this new type of device, ASUS has delivered an amazingly light design powered by the visibly smart performance of the second generation Intel Core i7 and Core i5 processors. It’s packed with the security, responsiveness, and other exciting features, that deliver on the promise of the Ultrabook, to offer the most complete and satisfying computing experience.”

The ZENBOOK will be available for order in North America starting on Oct. 12, with prices starting at $999 (suggested MSRP).

TC Group and RIM partner to launch services

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According to the regional partnership signed in August 2011 between STC Group (including STC KSA, VIVA Kuwait and VIVA Bahrain) and RIM, the two parties will collaborate to provide STC customers using BlackBerry Internet Service and BlackBerry Enterprise Server, with technologies that enable customers to access their email accounts, social networking platforms and the Web in new and innovative ways.

“Strengthening our partnership with RIM is another step in our promise to deliver efficient and cost effective services to our customers.” stated Jameel Al Molhem, CEO of STC KSA. “Working closely with RIM to introduce new technologies and service offerings will allow us to broaden our portfolio, and continue to provide our customers with new and exciting smart phones.”

Patrick Spence, The Managing Director of Global Sales and Regional Marketing at RIM, said: “We are committed to a strong partnership with STC, both in the Middle East and on an international scale as they expand into global markets. Our close collaboration aims to create value-added services for STC and give customers access to the latest smart phones technologies, such as Near Field Communication.”

It is worth mentioning that STC and RIM recently announced the introduction of new BlackBerry smart phones, including the BlackBerry Bold 9900, BlackBerry Torch 9810 and BlackBerry Torch 9860. The new smart phones are based on the next-generation BlackBerry 7 Operating System (OS), which introduces substantial overall performance enhancements including a next generation BlackBerry browser with a significantly faster, more fluid web browsing experience that is among the best in the industry.

Mobility key for greater business productivity

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The mobile entrepreneur has come a long way from the days when he or she could only remain in contact with customers, colleagues and suppliers via a cellphone.

And mobile computing has progressed significantly since working out of the office meant remembering to download documents from the office server to a notebook PC.

Today, what used to be regarded as “dead” time – any time away from the office – can now be highly productive time.

“In fact,” says Andre Joubert, GM of MWEB Business, “it is quite possible to run your entire business from wherever you happen to be – your home, an airport lounge or ‘killing time’ between meetings in a coffee shop.”

What gives today’s smart entrepreneur mobility is high speed 3G Services, a proliferation of Wi-Fi Hotspots and the “Cloud”.

“The anywhere, anytime and more affordable broadband connectivity that’s available today ensures that your office – your server, your data files, your software applications, your email, everything you would normally access from your desk – is right there with you when you need it,” he explains.

MWEB Business offers entrepreneurs a variety of wireless connections, one of which is a high-speed 3G solution that utilises one of the major cellular networks. Your connection speed and your choice of modem will control how quickly data gets to your computer.

MWEB’s Access Point Name (APN) technology comes to the fore if you are looking for a wireless solution to access your confidential data from a remote site. This delivers the best of both worlds – the freedom of cellular mobility without the complexity or burden of software based Virtual Private Network (VPN) adapters.

According to Joubert, MWEB’s robust, secure network infrastructure has a direct fibre link into Vodacom’s GPRS network.

Once your MWEB Business APN connection has been set up, you connect into the cellular network in the normal way.

Your data then gets routed across the secure fibre link into the MWEB Business network from where you can securely and seamlessly access your company’s local or wide area network, email systems as well as other Cloud type applications.

“That’s true business mobility,” Joubert concludes.

Opinion: Understanding the Cloud?

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By Kevin Mortimer, Managing Director, Triple4

The Information and Communications Technology industry is a cauldron of buzzwords and new initiatives. Regularly the CIO and IT decision makers in a business are inundated by new waves of technologies, opinions and thoughts and it is becoming increasingly more challenging sifting through the buzz words and TLAs (three letter acronyms) in an attempt to separate the valuables from the crazes and the phases.

A common word to flash across our screen in emails, social media feeds, IT provider marketing and web content is “The Cloud”. It has caused a massive hype and is still making a lot of noise. But what is this cloud and what does it mean for you as the consumer, the IT decision maker or the IT adopter?

Cloud has actually been around for a very long time. Every single IT model has involved the concept of the indefinable and unknown components managed and serviced by a third party supplier, which could not be articulated or explained for various reasons; such as the supplier not confiding that information or the consumer not needing to understand that portion of their infrastructure or application stack and as such not needing to explain or worry about it.

So the concept is nothing new, but what is new is how it’s being packaged and presented to the consumer. ICT for the first time in its long history is now taking the stance of saying that the consumer should not need to worry about the details of the services they subscribe to.

Why should IT not be like a telephone service or like your electricity supply? Plug yourself into the provided service and start consuming, paying only for what you use.

Why should you concern yourself with the complexities of how your IT service originated or what challenge present itself with the supporting and management of that service?

It’s not like you concern yourself with how power is created, only that it is and that you have someone to contact when it doesn’t.

All of this is very exciting and promises much for the future. Businesses can reassign many of their daily operational overheads to other areas in greater need of attention and focus on the core of their business. On demand services by their definition are more scalable and flexible, even reducible when the next recession hits or when the organisation downscales.

As with all utopian concepts one should, however, exercise some caution. Rushing headlong into the adoption of cloud can be disastrous for the integrity of your company’s data and ability to respond unless the move is planned, phased and has a strong failback plan.

Consider all the implications of your move carefully. How secure is my data? Am I ceding any data sovereignty with my move? Is my data fully protected and recoverable? What compliancy and governance rules am I breaking? How do I check if my cloud services provider is delivering according to his advertised mandate? What recourse do I have if he isn’t? And what is my Service Level Agreement? How sticky is my engagement with the provider?

There are many more considerations but luckily there are solution providers out there that have prepared themselves for this cloud initiative and can assist with the process of evaluation and adoption.

The future of IT is bright, and this initiative has all the makings of actually delivering what is being advertised.

‘Everything as a Service’ is the future says MTN Business

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It’s no secret that any successful company has the ability to respond quickly to changes in the business environment. While a significant portion of this agility comes down to effective management structures, an equally large segment can be attributed to the technology capabilities that underpin the organisation, says MTN Business.

According to Justin Colyn, general manager of Fixed Mobile Convergence at MTN Business; “Technology today has become a critical operational ‘utility’ to business – much like electricity, telephony and water – and as such, any technology trend that is likely to impact businesses immeasurably must be explained and validated transparently in the industry. This is the only way to ensure effective decision making by already pressured CIOs and CTOs.”

According to Gartner, Software as a Service (SaaS) growth does not show any signs of slowing down. In fact, Gartner has predicted that global SaaS revenue should reach $12.1 billion in 2011, which is a 20.7% increase from the revenue in 2010. Colyn continues; “These statistics may be indicative of global trends but considering the attention and success that cloud computing has already achieved locally, coupled with phenomenal growth rates of mobility (19.8%** year on year), it is our opinion that ‘everything as a service’ or XaaS as it is known, will revolutionise the South Africa and African business landscape far more.”

XaaS provides businesses with a platform that offers agility and the flexibility to engage with the latest in technological services, through the cloud. This means that enterprises do not need to continuously purchase and invest in the latest technology solutions for their business structures. Rather – through using the XaaS platform – companies can choose services, with the required levels of capacity that are needed, in relation to their specific business needs. “The benefit is that these organisations don’t need to break the bank doing it! In fact the XaaS model not only increases employee productivity and improves efficiencies but provides significant long term cost saving, as continually changing IT investments are no longer necessary,” adds Colyn.

“It’s a win-win situation for business, which is why its uptake and subsequent revolution of the technology industry is inevitable. Cloud computing has already become a must have for CIOs and IT managers as they no longer have to worry about servers running out of capacity, networks falling over, viruses spreading like wildfire on the corporate LAN or any of the myriad ICT problems that crop up on a daily basis. Add XaaS to the picture, through a trusted XaaS service provider, then focusing on technology strategies and running effective business models will once again become the CTO and CIO’s key job function.”

The MTN Business XaaS model and offering is and will be made up of 6 key components that offers a flexible access for businesses – be it from a desk, the home, tablet, smartphone or any other mobile device. These include:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – a paradigm under which businesses outsource computing equipment required to support their operations. This typically includes hardware such as servers, storage subsystems and networking devices and is similar to what today is commonly known as outsourcing.
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) – the underlying enterprise software platform (the operating system of a business). PaaS provides the basis on top of which enterprise software can run.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) – this provides a range of business application software including ERP and CRM environments.
  • Desktop as a Service (DaaS) – a virtual operating system including basic applications such as a choice between Microsoft Office and OpenOffice. The purpose is to provide a full basic desktop environment, including the ability to generate or edit word processing documents or spreadsheets, available to all users at the flick of a switch.
  • Communication as a Service (CaaS) – standardising both fixed and mobile voice communications, distributed PABX’s and Contact Centres into a single cloud-based Unified Communications and Collaboration, Fixed Mobile Converged solution suited to all business sizes.
  • Security as a Service (SecaaS) – an outsourcing model for security management, including the installation and maintenance of security tools such as firewall software and anti-virus packages.

Concludes Colyn; “Considering the pace as which technology advances, often the biggest challenge that businesses are faced with today is the decision around what technology is best for their enterprise.  As a result, businesses require technology that will last and not become null and void in a short period of time. XaaS addresses this and offers businesses a platform to allow them to stay on top of trends, be truly agile, make use of technology and services their business requires on a pay-as-you-grow model, whilst still increasing productivity and saving costs.”

Samsung sets eco-friendly goals

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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital convergence technologies and device solutions, recently announced the second year results of its sweeping PlanetFirst initiative, a companywide commitment to become one of the world’s most environmentally friendly companies by 2013.

Marking the progress towards achieving the comprehensive sustainability goals set out under the PlanetFirst initiative, Samsung outlined the following key milestones:

  • Reduced sales-normalised greenhouse emissions* from its manufacturing facilities by 38% during the first half of 2011, when compared against emission levels at the end of 2008
  • Attained global eco-labels for 2,210 product models as of the end of 2010, making the company No. 1 in the world for environmentally friendly products for the fifth straight year
  • Invested an additional 1.6 trillion won (R10.25 billion) in environmentally friendly product development and green manufacturing sites in 2010

“Samsung continues striving to meet the global, companywide commitment laid out in 2009 under our Eco-Management 2013 initiative,” said Park Sangbum, senior vice president and head of the CS & Environment Center, Samsung Electronics. “We’re focused on instilling an eco-management mindset in all employees in order to become a true leader in sustainable business practices.”

Says Deon Liebenberg, Managing Director for Samsung South Africa; “We are very proud that Samsung, as a leading global brand, has taken a sustainable approach to climate change and are committed to complying with this global initiative.”

Samsung reported its progress across four core objectives – laid out under the Eco-Management 2013 initiative unveiled in July 2009:

Reducing greenhouse emissions from facilities and products

  • As of the first half of 2011, Samsung has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions at its manufacturing facilities by 4.58 tons per R640 851.4, equivalent to a sales-normalised cut of 38% from 2008 levels. This puts Samsung on-track to exceed its target of a 50% reduction by 2013
  • New Samsung products are on average 18.5% more energy efficient compared with 2008 levels. With this, estimated indirect carbon emissions from newly introduced Samsung products were reduced by 22.89 million tons from January 2009 through June 2011. This reduction is equivalent to offsetting the greenhouse gases emitted in generating the electricity to power 17.68 million households for a year
  • In addition to the carbon emissions inventory for Samsung Electronics manufacturing sites, the company has established a system to track emissions of partner and supplier firms globally as well as indirect emissions generated by employee air travel
  • Earlier this year, Samsung received the Energy Management System certification (EnMS) for its Tangjeong Display City, and in July acquired ISO 50001 certification for its “Smart City” initiative in Gumi, Korea

Expanding eco-friendly products offering

  • Samsung has attained global eco-labels for 2,210 product models as of the end of 2010, making the company No. 1 in the world for environmentally friendly products for the fifth straight year. Additionally, Samsung achieved Good Eco-Product** ratings for 90% of its product lines in 2010, surpassing its intermediary goal
  • In recognition of its efforts, Samsung received six Eco-Design honors at the prestigious International Consumer Electronics Show 2011 Innovation Awards, the most ever for the company
  • Samsung has established an internal eco-product development committee, where all product development team leaders across the enterprise participate to encourage the creation of innovative green products and solutions

Building eco-management partnerships around the world

  • In Korea, Samsung held an ecosystem conservation campaign in the Korea National Arboretum and the adjacent Gwangneung Forest, a UNESCO-designated biosphere. It also organised an event for Samsung employees and their family members to learn about climate change and renewable energy
  • In the United States, the company’s Solve for Tomorrow initiative sought to engage local communities to propose solutions to environmental problems, while in Europe the PlanetFirst™ campaign highlighted the potential for future eco-friendly products and services
  • In China and Southeast Asia, Samsung has embarked on a campaign to “adopt” a mountains or rivers, while in Brazil it has partnered with the Sustainable Amazonas Foundation to promote environmental conservation and improvement of the quality of life of the inhabitant communities and the users of Amazon conservation areas

Investing in eco-friendly R&D and manufacturing facilities

  • Samsung invested a total of 1.6 trillion Korean won (R10.25 billion) in environmentally friendly product development and green manufacturing sites in 2010. This brings Samsung’s total investment during the first two years of the PlanetFirst initiative to 2.7 trillion won (R17.3 billion).

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