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Norton Advises People to Watch Out for Cybercriminal Wedding Crashers

The royal wedding of the United Kingdom’s Prince William to Kate Middleton is fast becoming a major international event. As modern technology enables people worldwide to follow the young couple and impending wedding festivities closer than ever before, this is truly an “e- Royal Wedding!”

A new study from Norton, the world leaders in Internet security, shows people are flocking to follow news of the royal wedding.

In fact, 62 percent of Americans surveyed said they are likely to follow the British royal wedding, with 32 percent of those already keeping up with the royal wedding news at least every few days (some as often as once a day, or even multiple times a day!).

As the big day nears and media attention increases, people will look to online searches and outlets to keep up on all-things “Will & Kate.”

Of respondents, 38 percent will be going online for their royal wedding news; more than a quarter will be watching the wedding on a computer, laptop or mobile device live or after the fact, and 53% will potentially share their thoughts about the wedding online.

Norton cautions these online wedding-followers and well-wishers that this global event will – as other major global events have done previously – attract cybercriminals looking to capitalize on the deluge of online activity.

As of March, security researchers at Norton have already begun tracking malicious online activity such as spam designed to steal personal information and links to harmful sites hidden in search engine results.

Norton has pulled together a quick check-list for those royal wedding fans to help them steer clear of cybercriminals:

•    Think before you click – Beware of emails or links that promise “leaked” footage, offer “scandalous” pictures, or purport to have “secret” information. Cybercriminals take advantage of sensational and shocking headlines to get you to click on links that could infect your computer
•    Go with what you know – While any site could potentially be risky, it’s best to avoid clicking on sites you’ve never heard of that show up in your search results. Stick to the official royal wedding website or go directly to reputable news sites to get the latest news and videos of the wedding
•    Protect your computer – Use trusted security software on your computer to block threats and make sure you’re keeping it up-to-date. Use  Norton Safe Web Lite and Norton Safe Web for Facebook – free, downloadable tools that identify risky sites before users click on them in search results and on their Facebook news feeds

Impulse research surveyed a random sample of 1047 men and women, 18+ who plan to follow news coverage of William and Kate’s royal wedding, carefully selected to closely match US population demographics and the respondents are representative of American men and women 18+.

Africa’s IT Service Management leader

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Taking the debate out of the question of which African managed services provider is the leader in IT Service Management, Business Connexion has announced that it is the first organisation on the continent to have reached the final of the Pink Elephant Project of the Year Award.

With the investments it has made in IT Service Management, the company confidently asserts its ability to manage, support and deliver services to its clients to the highest global standards.
Pink Elephant  is globally regarded as a foremost authority on IT Service Management (ITSM), which has contributed to the set of concepts and practices known as the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) since their introduction in 1987. It has presented an annual ITSM conference since 1996.

According to Willie Ackerman, General Manager for Service Integration & Workspace at Business Connexion, this recognition is of particular importance as the company transitions into the cloud computing era. “While the cloud era means easier and lower cost procurement of critical services for clients, it also means a heightened duty upon the service provider. After all, cloud services means always available, scalability to match the needs of clients no matter what those may be, and absolute reliability,” he says.

Noting that the company has, since 2006, invested in the necessary data centre and network infrastructure to provide cloud and other managed services to the South African and African markets, Ackerman says it has simultaneously invested in improving the way in which it manages, supports and delivers these services. “A particular focus exists on continually improving the Service Management process capabilities, as defined by the ITIL best practice framework,” Ackerman says.

During 2010, he reveals that the Services division ran an ITIL v3 process improvement project to certify its processes against the ITIL process maturity model and bring Business Connexion up to the most recent iteration of the IT Service Management guiding principles.
It was this project which resulted in the company’s selection as a finalist at the Pink Elephant awards – a first for any African company.

“The continuous focus on implementing best practices to support the design, transition and delivery of quality services to our clients resulted in Business Connexion receiving recognition from Pink Elephant at its International IT Service Management conference, held recently in Las Vegas, USA,” John Jenkins, Chief Executive: Services at Business Connexion confirms.

He further adds that Business Connexion was among just four companies globally which were recognised for ITIL project improvement in 2010. Two were from the United States and one from the United Kingdom.

In presenting the awards, George Spalding, Vice President at Pink Elephant and co-author of ITIL v3 Continual Service Improvement, notes the significance of making the final four: “There are thousands of companies, which are actively involved in ITIL implementations and initiatives worldwide. As ITIL has matured over the years with ITSM, we have seen a bigger and bigger pool of unbelievably great projects, this year no exception; we received  more nominations by double than we have ever had and are pleased to recognise the four finalists.”

Continuing, Jenkins says Business Connexion can now officially state that it is the leader in South Africa, Africa and the Southern Hemisphere in its approach and commitment to Service Management and delivering services to clients which are independently verified for quality. “The journey does not stop here, however. It is our commitment to continue on the path to excellence through continuous improvement,” he concludes.

Mining group takes proactive steps to protect its information

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“Protecting your IT network directly translates into protecting your business,” says Chris Smith, principal architect at Exxaro, one of South Africa’s largest black-controlled, diversified mining companies.

The JSE Limited listed company is at a high maturity level in terms of technology and has just completed a security upgrade with Datacentrix, a black empowered provider of high performing and secure ICT solutions.
According to Smith, it has been hailed as one of the great project achievements at Exxaro.

“As a widely spread, listed organisation, we take a proactive approach to information security and constantly look for vulnerabilities and risks. We firmly believe that IT security must be planned for upfront and thus took a firm stance on finding the right product and solution fit,” he says.

Exxaro’s long-standing strategic partnership with Datacentrix has seen the mining company opt to install McAfee software, implementing a complete security infrastructure that touches every end point within the organisation.

“After testing three alternative security solutions, McAfee came out tops,” says Smith. “It was to our advantage that Datacentrix is a McAfee elite partner, as they are also responsible for our outsourcing project and have previously been involved in our bandwidth upgrade project where they have proven to take ownership and accountability to ensure project success.”

Exxaro installed McAfee Endpoint Protection Advanced, Solidcore for Itanium servers, Foundstone, Web Gateway and Mail Gateway. The company has also rolled out protection to perimeter and edge devices. In the near future, it is looking at implementing Host DLP with the aim of protecting private information.

According to Stefan Jacobs, security software business development manager at Datacentrix, the project’s success can be attributed to the fact that it kicked off with proper planning and thought leadership.

“The security project posed challenges as there were timeline constraints and Exxaro’s existing license was near its expiry date. However, the software was rolled out to more than 5,500 users nationwide over three weeks with no issues,” says Jacobs.

Smith explains that the project team also tested every solution “to the nth degree” in a laboratory and if they pre-empted a problem that might occur during rollout, they examined three alternative solutions to the problem.
In addition, daily feedback meetings were held, involving all parties involved. “Planning, testing and managing are crucial to the success of such a project,” he says.

The biggest benefits, according to Smith, have been the ROI and a single view of compliance of the entire infrastructure. He says that these benefits are mainly due to the fact that Exxaro’s IT security has been woven into the DNA of the company’s infrastructure, which will result in lengthening the infrastructure’s lifecycle over the long term. “That is, by Exxaro proactively deploying a comprehensive IT security solution upfront, a reduced amount of wear and tear – generally created by viruses and resultant patches on the IT network – is ensured, resulting in a faster network with a longer lifespan that has a positive influence on our organisation’s productivity,” he adds.

“Our relationship with Exxaro serves to highlight Datacentrix’ end-to-end technology offering,” says Ahmed Mahomed, CEO at Datacentrix. “We have demonstrated that as a services oriented technology partner, in addition to meeting our customers’ diverse technology requirements, we also add tangible long term and strategic business value by providing the competencies and skills to drive long term success.”

Cisco awards underscore Business Connexion’s Connective Intelligence

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TIm Schumann

Tim Schumann, Business Connexion Technology Chief Executive

The strategic shift into managed services over the course of more than a decade, which is today exemplified in the ‘Connective Intelligence’ branding that has been taken to market – has earned Business Connexion the prestige of being awarded two Cisco awards.

At the annual Cisco Partner Awards, held recently in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA – Business Connexion shone as it was not only named the Cisco Services Partner of the Year, but also the Cisco Managed Services Partner of the Year in the Emerging Markets Central region.

The awards were presented by Pim Versteeg, Cisco’s Vice-President for this region, which includes Africa and parts of the Middle East.

Partner Account Manager at Cisco, Mark Mackay, explains that the criteria for the Partner of the Year awards include an evaluation of technical ability, a Customer Satisfaction Index, services volumes and spare parts efficiency. “These awards are an acknowledgement of Business Connexion’s investment in and ability to provide high-quality Cisco-based services to the regions in which it operates,” he confirms.

“These awards reflect the company’s capability as a managed services provider, says Tim Schumann, Technology Division’s Chief Executive at Business Connexion. In the ICT industry today, it is not enough to provide product-based solutions. Business Connexion has made considerable investments over many years to establish itself as a leader in the managed services environment.”

On the one hand, Schumann says Business Connexion is recognised by its clients for its ability to meet technology needs with services which meet criteria for right price, scale and flexibility to accurately match business requirements. “On the other, vendors like Cisco are confirming our position in the markets in which we operate with awards which recognise our investments in training and certification, infrastructure and inventory.”
He singles out the Managed Services award. “With this, customers have peace of mind knowing that our Cisco infrastructure is backed by Master Managed Services’ certification – and recognition from Cisco itself that we are leading this field in Africa.”

Briefly explaining Connective Intelligence, Schumann says this defines the Business Connexion approach to cloud computing, in which complex connections are necessary to enable the delivery of easy to buy and consume ICT services.

“Networking underpins the Connective Intelligence concept. It enables collaboration between diverse and diverged resources for optimal efficiency and performance.”

He notes that Cisco data centre technologies play a key role in enabling cloud and other managed services. “This recognition from one of the world’s leading providers of enabling data centre technology provides our clients with the confidence that they are benefiting from certified skill and expertise coupled with technological excellence.”

Continuing, Schumann says that while the accolades are most welcome, Business Connexion will not be resting on its laurels. “Our commitment to excellence has resulted in numerous awards over the years, but that doesn’t mean complacence. It is a competitive market in which our focus must remain on efficient service delivery, innovation and competitive pricing.”

MTN Unipresence – Business anywhere with one number

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Making all your office tools work together

MTN Unipresence is an innovative offering from MTN Business that brings all your communication devices together under one number.

With MTN UniPresence, users can make and receive calls wherever they are over any of the available connections, but instead of having multiple numbers, there is only one with just one voice mail box.

The best thing about MTN Unipresence is that the management system is intelligent. If you are in a meeting, out of the office or simply not available, the intuitive routing and message capabilities are sophisticated enough to manage the caller’s expectations at all times and this seamless integration can be configured to suit any size business or individual need.

This offering has many benefits including scalability, leading technology, cost-reduction and the simplicity of a single provider. Plus it’s easy to manage and use. The convenient web portal control, plus usage and service reports help you manage users and forecast capacity requirements. MTN Business will even manage the set up for you, leaving you to focus on your core business.

You’ll have one number for all communication devices which means your customers only have to remember one number. A single phone number also helps your staff stay connected to customers and the office ensuring that important business opportunities are almost never missed.

You’ll only have to manage one mailbox, which means you no longer have to juggle between multiple voice mail boxes. MTN UniPresence lets you choose how you want to listen to your voice messages or you can simply receive them as emails on Outlook.

You also have useful options such as extension dialling, call transfer, Instant Messaging, conference calls, integration with Outlook and your company directories. MTN UniPresence gives you the ultimate flexibility to conduct business from any location and with high definition voice quality; your customers never need to know the difference.

MTN UniPresence works off your mobile connection, internet connection, Wi-fi or LAN helping to keep your overall costs down every month. Now you can replace your current hefty telephony costs with a simple, cost-effective, usage-based pricing model. Plus there’s no capital expenditure. MTN Unipresence is completely outsourced and will take care of the day-to-day maintenance of the service at no additional cost to your business.

To find how we can help you conduct your business anywhere with one number call 0877 40 40 40 or complete the form under contact us at

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