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Opera announces over 100 million Opera mini/mobile users

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More than 100 million people use an Opera browser each month on their mobile phones. According to the numbers issued today in Opera’s State of the Mobile Web report, 90.4 million people now use Opera Mini every month and approximately 15 million people use Opera Mobile each month. In all, 105 million people use Opera on their phones.

“Experts all have some date when they claim the mobile Web will overtake the PC web — we’re watching that transition now,” said Jon von Tetzchner, Co-founder of Opera Software. “But, rather than think of numbers, we think of people. 100 million is the beginning of a new era for the Web. In the next few years, hundreds of millions of people will take their first baby steps online. They will make their voices heard across their country and around the world. They will not only discover new ideas, but contribute their own. We defend those voices and celebrate those ideas. It is why we believe access to the Web is a universal right, and no device is more universal than a mobile phone.”

“Our developers have been hard at work building the mobile browser of the future — for both consumers and mobile operators,” said Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software. “We want our browser to impact lives in a meaningful way. It’s one reason we use mostly renewable resources to power Opera Mini’s servers. It’s why we make it light, so you don’t have to recharge your battery every few hours. It’s why Opera Mini and Opera Mobile can help operators reduce the bandwidth that clogs their networks. A browser may never change the world, but we’ll never stop trying to.”

NAVTEQ reveals 2010 research results on the state of navigation

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NAVTEQ, traffic and location data enabling navigation, location-based services and mobile advertising around the world, is sharing insights gleaned over the course of the past year to provide a state of the industry perspective on consumer use of navigation. Conducted on an annual basis, NAVTEQ’s tracking study assesses user interaction across all sectors of navigation including in-vehicle systems, portable devices and mobile/smartphone applications. In 2010, the study was conducted in 13 countries in total including Brazil, China, Russia and the United Kingdom.

Highlights of the research results include:

  1. In most countries studied, consumer experience with navigation still increased from 2009 levels, having slowed somewhat to single versus double digit growth.
  2. Increased experience with navigation in Europe: For Europe, mature navigation markets all show consumer experience with navigation at over 50%, with Germany, France and Italy approaching 60%. The number of respondents reporting experience with navigation grew 3-6 percentage points, with that growth coming from consumers who were only “familiar” with navigation the year prior (note 2010 is the first year in which Italy was surveyed). In Russia, which is at an earlier stage in the market cycle, consumer experience with navigation has not yet passed 40%.
  3. The study shows use of mobile/smartphone navigation tends to follow navigation market maturity
  4. “Regular” use of mobile/smartphone navigation (at least 1-2 times per week) follows the same pattern, again tending to trend somewhat higher in emerging markets
% Experienced % Reporting “Regular” Use
France 23 26
Germany 19 14
Italy 30 31
Poland 40 23
Russia 41 54
UK 24 27

Consumers continue to most frequently use in-car navigation systems, followed by PNDs and mobile/smartphone devices. This is reflected in Europe:

  1. With the use of in-car navigation, Russia shows the highest number of regular users at 71%, followed by the United Kingdom at 62%.
  2. 65% of respondents in Russia regularly use portable navigation devices (PNDs) whilst only 29% in France uses this type of navigation assistance.
  3. In Europe, Russia shows that 54% of the respondents use mobile devices for navigation assistance. Amongst the countries that were surveyed, Brazil has the highest number (60%) of users using mobile devices for navigation purposes.

Source: NAVTEQ Annual Tracking Study (Countries where the study was conducted: Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States).

“This study again confirms the potential of navigation offerings to consumers and underscores a growing awareness in countries where navigation has been less widely available,” stated Bruno Bourguet, senior vice president, EMEA, Sales. “It also points to the fact that there continues to be a place for a wide range of offerings as navigation and location based services become increasingly mainstream.”

Progress’s Parry launches consulting services business

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Rick Parry, former MD of Progress Software South Africa, has launched a new company, Albi Investment Group Services (AIGS), which will focus on consulting in the services-oriented architecture (SOA) space.

AIGS has been appointed as Progress’s non-exclusive distributor in sub-Saharan Africa. This follows Progress’s global restructuring which has seen the company downscale its direct presence in countries outside North America and Europe. As a result, the new business already has R40 million worth of annuity revenue in place.

AIGS has secured the local rights to a range of Progress Software offerings including the OpenEdge application platform, the Sonic enterprise service bus, and service-oriented architecture management solution Actional. In addition, the company also represents natural language search and query software EasyAsk.

“We are taking the opportunity offered by non-exclusivity to look at incorporating other, complementary products into our offering,” says Parry. “Our goal is to build a product-agnostic consulting practice focusing on the SOA and business process management spaces.”

Parry is quick to point out, however, that AIGS is a people- and services-based business. He says the company will be built on a specific set of brand values that include a passion for excellence, and for exceeding customer expectations.

“I have asked my team to declare war on mediocrity. The new business has given us all an excellent opportunity to really make a difference in our sector. A good salesperson sets expectations and knows what they can deliver. Our focus is on exceeding those expectations and ensuring that our customers have a delightful experience every time they do business with us. We want to cultivate real partnerships with customers, not customer-supplier relationships. The best way to do that is to ensure a good return on investment for your client every time they engage with you.”

He says that from a consulting perspective, there is a great deal of confusion in the SOA market in South Africa. On the understanding and acceptance curve, we are about three years behind our American and European counterparts. The local market tends to be driven by vendors selling products. In reality, SOA has little to do with product. It’s about how to derive true value from your existing IT assets so that your organisation can be nimble and responsive to market and customer demands.”

He says the question for most business leaders is “are we getting true value out of our technology investments?” Few of them want to throw away what they have and start afresh. What AIGS aims to do is help them sweat their IT assets. “There is a great opportunity for us to help businesses really understand what is meant by SOA, and cloud computing. The focus should be on real business opportunities, not technology opportunities. What is also exciting in this context is that business size is irrelevant. It’s all about services.”

Parry adds that many consulting firms become entrenched in organisations, seldom completing projects. “This creates enormous scope for a consulting organisation that can go in, identify issues and challenges, do the job, transfer skills, and leave. There’s nothing revolutionary in what we want to do, but there’s definitely a gap in the market and across every sector.”

Unified communications saves money, prevents IT failure by cutting complexity

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Sessions blames IT complexity. “Complexity has a linear relationship with system failure,” he notes. “It increases the difficulty of working with a system and the cost of operating, servicing and supporting it. Thus complexity must be eliminated in systems and solutions design, to decrease risk of failure.”

Few vendors can afford simplicity

But while it may be easy to finger complexity as the cause of the trouble, it’s another story altogether to be rid of it. “Few vendors have the will or wherewithal to start over and put their solutions on a simpler development path,” Sessions notes. “Many continue to re-engineer their legacy technologies, merely adapting them to provide new capabilities. This makes complexity inevitable.”

In such a scenario, change is more likely to come from new players entering or emerging in the market with fresh thinking, he says. US-based ShoreTel is one of several technology providers that address complexity in this way.

ShoreTel – simple products

Simplicity of design, operation and support is a principle that drives ShoreTel’s “brilliantly simple” business communication solutions.

The vendor started with a clean slate, building a solution that leverages IP communication and collaboration from the ground up. Thus it is easy to deploy, manage and scale (across sites and geographies), as well as intuitive to use for end-users and administrators alike.

ShoreTel’s open architecture means saving on capital costs, network upgrades, implementation, training, MACs, system management, long-distance charges and energy consumption. It easily integrates with existing infrastructure, business applications and processes.

Calling all channel partners

Tellumat is the South African distributor of ShoreTel’s business communication systems. The company encounters growing opportunities for potential channel partners to take ShoreTel’s solutions to market, and intends to take a significant market share in line with ShoreTel being the fastest-growing vendor in unified communications and IP telephony, says Bennie Langenhoven, managing executive of Tellumat Communication Solutions.

“Resellers, service providers and operators across Southern Africa with voice and IT expertise as well as an interest in providing UC solutions can apply.”

Reseller benefits

Langenhoven says the ShoreTel pledge of brilliant simplicity has several benefits for the reseller channel. “Bringing unified communications to customers can be terrifyingly complex when done the traditional way,” he says.

“Multiple separate servers to host various UC applications including presence, collaboration, unified messaging, mobility, IP telephony and audio conferencing, as well as a range of office productivity apps and infrastructure elements, make for a nightmarish deployment, provisioning, administration and user experience,” Langenhoven explains. ”Because of this, the uptake of UC has been lower than expected.”

With ShoreTel’s solutions, resellers will benefit from a low initial investment and low training, staff and maintenance costs. ShoreTel’s world-class customer satisfaction programme will make sure customers have an exceptional experience, giving resellers high credibility, Langenhoven said.

“The key is remote support to maintain efficiencies and allowing customers to attain profitability. In addition, resellers can differentiate themselves to customers by developing specialised applications for specific vertical segments.”

A new wave

Whether a customer or prospective partner to ShoreTel and Tellumat, any organisation has compelling reasons to adopt the vendor’s solutions.

Official Launch of BrandsEye Version 2

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BrandsEye launched Version 2 of their software this week.

The Online Reputation Management (ORM) software has been upgraded with an HTML5 interface, sentiment automation and integrated team workflow for social CRM. Having been in Alpha testing with select clients for a few weeks it will be made available to new and existing clients in Beta from today.

The BrandsEye product has evolved with the changing needs of the market and provides a service to the marketing, communication departments and increasingly to HR, customer service and business strategists. ORM is allowing businesses to leverage a new level of responsiveness to market changes, with online feedback, sentiment, qualitative insights and reputation scores emerging as a new form of real-time customer research.

Built in HTML5, the tool has been developed using versions of browsers that have yet to be released – Firefox 4, IE 9, Chrome 9 etc., to ensure the longevity of the product.

When it came to development, the top priority was to ensure an effortless experience for users. BrandsEye Version 2 is intuitive and provides immediate insights and reporting capabilities. The improved interface and process automation has also resulted in a much faster service across the board.

“With the growth of HTML5, the capabilities of the latest modern browsers have increased tremendously over the past 6 months, and we have reached a place where open web technologies compare favourably with desktop and Flash software. It’s an exciting time,” says Craig Raw, the CTO from Quirk responsible for leading the team developing the new version of BrandsEye.

Having started out in 2006 as a service within the Quirk Group, BrandsEye is now a fully independent business running autonomously of Quirk. This affords BrandsEye important independence in working with agencies and clients alike.

“We’ve been working incredibly hard as a team and what we have now is a software product that we are insanely proud of and will go to show that South Africa does have the technical capabilities to go head-to-head with the rest of the world,” says Tim Shier, MD of BrandsEye.

HP Technology Consulting makes changes to MEMA region

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HP has announced the appointment of Rudie Raath as Technology Consulting Country Manager for HP South Africa, which is in line with the company’s plans to transform Technology Consulting in FY11 at a worldwide and EMEA level.

“We are making key investments and structural changes to better position us for growth and scale,” says Frank van Rees, MD and Enterprise Business Lead, HP South Africa.

Rudie joined HP as a Networking Technical Consultant in 2008 and then led the Networking Support Service and Consulting Group where he was involved in positioning HP as a networking infrastructure consulting leader.

Before joining HP, Rudie was well known as a thought leader in providing business solutions within the HP channel community to enterprise customers. His various successes and award in 2007 as Product Manager of the Year on HP Technologies, confirmed that commitment and passion drives success.

“Rudie comes with a unique vision where his approach to consulting is customer centric but with a strong focus on business financial results supported by mature technologies,” van Rees adds.

Opera quenches the thirst for better web compatibility

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If you develop or test websites and applications, OperaWatir (pronounced “Water”) and OperaDriver are about to make short work out of testing your creation in Opera. Rather than time-consuming manual tests, OperaWatir and OperaDriver allow you to build automated tests that interact with your pages just as a user would, such as clicking links, entering text and submitting forms.

OperaWatir is a branch of the open source toolkit Web Application Testing in Ruby (WATIR). With the initial release of OperaWatir, all major browsers are now represented. For organizations that already use Watir for their internal testing, OperaWatir will allow them to include Opera in their range of automated tests.

OperaDriver is the backend of OperaWatir that communicates with the Opera browser. While OperaWatir is written in Ruby, OperaDriver is written in Java, and it allows developers to create automated tests using the Java-based JUnit testing framework.

OperaWatir and OperaDriver are the newest releases in Opera’s ongoing drive to give back to the web developer community. Other efforts include:

  1. Opera Dragonfly, the set of on-board developer tools available in Opera’s desktop browser.
  2. Open the Web, a cross-disciplinary team that works directly with web developers to help them build sites that work across browsers and devices.
  3. Opera Mobile Emulator, a version of Opera Mobile that runs on desktop PCs to allow for faster development and smooth testing of sites on mobile devices.

“The Web works best when it works everywhere,” said Christen Krogh, Chief Development Officer, Opera Software. “OperaWatir and OperaDriver represent another step in making that a reality. At the same time, we can help developers spend less time testing and more time doing what they love. Everyone wins, and the Web takes a step forward in cross-browser compatibility.”

How to get OperaWatir and OperaDriver

More details about OperaWatir and OperaDriver can be found on Source code for both projects can be found on GitHub. Source code for OperaWatir is available from Source code for OperaDriver is available from

BlackBerry PlayBook Simulator adds support for the BlackBerry Browser

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Research In Motion® is building an uncompromised browsing experiences on a tablet with support for the latest industry standards and technologies, including HTML5 and Adobe® Flash® 10.1.

Today, RIM announced that they have launched an updated version of the BlackBerry® Tablet OS simulator, which embeds the full BlackBerry Browser. With this updated simulator, their web development community can now start testing their web applications and Adobe Flash applications to ensure that they fully support the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook tablet at launch.

As a web developer, there are a couple of items you should know about the BlackBerry Browser running on the BlackBerry Tablet OS:

1) The User Agent will continue to match the current User Agent pattern that we use with our smartphone products. For example, here is the User Agent for the BlackBerry® Torch™ 9800 smartphone and the User Agent for the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

BlackBerry Torch 9800 Smartphone User Agent

Mozilla/5.0 (BlackBerry; U; BlackBerry 9800; en) AppleWebKit/534.1+

(KHTML, Like Gecko) Version/ Mobile Safari/534.1+

BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet User Agent

Mozilla/5.0 (PlayBook; U; RIM Tablet OS 1.0.0; en-US) AppleWebKit/534.8+

(KHTML, like Gecko) Version/0.0.1 Safari/534.8+

2) The browser builds on the existing support for web standards such as HTML5 for BlackBerry by adding support for HTML5 Video and Audio, based on the power and flexibility of the underlying BlackBerry Tablet OS. The simulator does not support all codecs and some audio/video testing will require hardware to fully test. The browser supports Adobe Flash 10.1, and Adobe Flash developers will be able to test the Adobe Flash player in the simulator. We will continue to work closely with Adobe to enhance Adobe Flash implementation as we lead up to launch, and we appreciate feedback from the community on your experiences with the Adobe Flash player and browsing experience overall.

Axiz launches Lenovo all-in-one PC

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The significant advantages of all-in-one PCs make them an ideal choice for SMEs says Darren Hengst, Axiz Product Manager. Lenovo’s latest all-in-one offering, the ThinkCentre A70z consolidates a traditional desktop with a monitor in a sleek and sophisticated design.

“Axiz, a leading IT infrastructure distributor, together with leading technology partners provides small and large businesses with the latest technological solutions,” says Hengst. The ThinkCentre A70z is designed to enhance the users’ productivity and security of their business, saving space, time, energy and initial investment costs. “The superior performance, leading security options, latest technology, easy manageability, eco-friendliness and affordability make the ThinkCentre A70z All-In-One PC an excellent solution for SMEs.”

“Data security is an ongoing concern for all businesses and even more prevalent today with the latest Wikileaks scandal. The ThinkCentre A70z provides data security with online backup and a Kensington lock for extra physical security,” says Hengst.

Booting up in under 35 seconds the ThinkCentre A70z unique easy-access design makes accessing, servicing and upgrading the hard disk and memory uncomplicated. Hengst says users will experience cutting-edge technology with a Microsoft Windows® 7 Home/Pro OS preload, an onboard DX10 graphics card and the Intel G41 platform, supporting the 45nm CPUs for a superior performance.

The ThinkCentre A70z All-In-One is greener and eco-friendly with Energy Star® 5.0 compliance. Electricity savings are increased with the 19” wide LCD screen and Lenovo Power Manager.

This commercial desktop saves up to 70% of desktop space with an integrated LCD monitor and a CPU in a single unit. “With no cable clutter, wire-free design and minimum space requirements this ergonomically designed PC makes any workspace elegant, neat and compact,” concludes Hengst.

An assortment of innovative and convenient accessories accompany the Lenovo ThinkCentre A70z All-In-One, a wireless keyboard and mouse come standard with optional extras including a performance stand to improve viewing comfort, a radial arm to maximise desk space, and a portable secure hard drive to name a few.

VMware Announces General Availability of VMware Go Pro

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VMware, Inc., the global leader in virtualisation and cloud infrastructure, recently announced the general availability of VMware Go Pro, a comprehensive cloud service that enables small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) to consolidate, control, and secure their physical and virtual IT infrastructure. “With VMware Go Pro, we will bring ease-of-use to IT infrastructure management for SMBs with affordable patch management, help desk, hardware asset management, and software license management,” Said Manoj Jayadevan, director of emerging business and products, VMware.

VMware Go Pro provides a single pane of glass for SMBs to manage both virtual and physical infrastructures, simplifying IT management so that SMBs can focus resources on high-value initiatives instead of routine tasks. VMware Go Pro was developed in an extended partnership with Shavlik Technologies to leverage Shavlik’s expertise in IT and patch management for SaaS and on-premise solutions.

“We are excited to extend our existing partnership with VMware, helping customers simplify their IT management,” said Mark Shavlik, president and CEO of Shavlik Technologies. “VMware Go Pro leverages our SaaS solutions to enable customers to break down barriers they may face when adopting complex technologies.”

VMware Go Pro Features & Benefits

Easy onramp to VMware vSphere – VMware Go Pro provides a web browser interface and an intuitive wizard to guide users of all experience levels through the installation and setup of VMware vSphere Hypervisor.

Secure physical and virtual infrastructure – VMware Go Pro includes a simple and affordable patch management solution specifically designed for SMBs.

Control software inventory and licenses – VMware Go Pro helps customers maintain control of their software inventory by scanning physical and virtual machines for software titles so IT knows exactly what exists and is in use in their environment.

Track and manage hardware assets – VMware Go Pro makes it easy for SMBs to track what machines exist, as well as their configuration, cost and service history so companies can have complete visibility into their IT infrastructure.

Streamline trouble ticket management – With VMware Go Pro, users can easily create and manage tickets as well as instantly know their due date, priority, and status. IT can also analyse past ticket reports to better understand trends and IT workload.

Pricing & Availability Available today at, VMware Go Pro is available by subscription for $29.95 per admin/month. Later this year, VMware expects to offer the VMware Go Pro service through its global network of channel partners. For more information about VMware Go Pro visit

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