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Mimecast Joins BlackBerry Alliance Program with First Always-On Continuity Service for BlackBerry Email

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Mimecast, a unified email management company offering SaaS-based email security, continuity and archiving, has today announced that it has joined the BlackBerry Alliance Program as a BlackBerry Alliance Select Member. Mimecast joins a select group of technology and brand leaders, recognised for promoting the highest level of innovation and contributing to the strength of the market.

The announcement follows the recent launch of Mimecast Services for BlackBerry smartphones. The new service is the first to enable enterprise IT managers to provide uninterrupted email access to BlackBerry smartphone users in the event of a Microsoft Exchange outage or BlackBerry Enterprise Server failure. Until now, businesses have been limited in their range of continuity choices for the BlackBerry solution, relying on SaaS services that require the availability of BlackBerry Enterprise Server or server replication solutions.

Peter Bauer, founder and CEO of Mimecast, said: “With the BlackBerry solution and technology becoming ever more prevalent in modern enterprises, the need for a comprehensive, secure and reliable continuity service is growing rapidly. Our own research recently revealed that just 44% of businesses with a BlackBerry Enterprise Server have any continuity strategy for the service. For many people, BlackBerry availability is now as crucial as wider email services and should be a key consideration in any business continuity strategy. We are delighted to have joined the BlackBerry Alliance Program and look forward to working closely with RIM to provide BlackBerry users and businesses with a seamless and watertight service.”

Mimecast has been providing continuity services to hundreds of thousands of email users around the world over the last seven years. Mimecast Services for BlackBerry is the first extension of the company’s existing range of email disaster recovery services to mobile devices. With Mimecast, users are able to send and receive email and access their personal archive through a variety of mail clients including Microsoft Outlook (desktop), Mimecast Personal Portal (web) and BlackBerry smartphones in the event of scheduled or unplanned mail server outages or connectivity failures.

Putting the Games to the Test

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London 2012, and Atos Origin, Worldwide IT Partner for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, today announced the launch of the Technology Lab; where the Games will be put to the Test with an incredible 200,000 hours of testing.

The Technology Lab is a miniature version of the 36 Olympic competition venues, with the IT systems for every sports event and venue being put through a series of tests to ensure the Games run smoothly. During the initial stages of testing, the first pack of seven sports, including Athletics, Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball and Triathlon, that will be tested by Atos Origin and London 2012 will require half a million lines of code.

There will be no second chances or room for failure. It is not only the athletes, but also the IT team that has to deliver a perfect performance, training has started early!

Speaking at today’s Technology Lab launch, Patrick Adiba, CEO Atos Origin for Iberia, Olympics and Major Events, said: “We are delighted to be working with London 2012 on what will be our sixth Olympic Games as Worldwide IT Partner. We are now drawing on our extensive experience of delivering the technology infrastructure and systems for previous Games. We are working with London 2012 and our other technology partners to ensure London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games are the best Games possible. The start of today’s tests marks the successful delivery of a major milestone for Atos Origin in our preparations for the Games.”

London 2012 Chair Sebastian Coe commented: The technology for London 2012 – like the athletes – is in full training for the Games and there are no second chances. Our teams, alongside our partners will undertake over 200,000 hours of testing to make sure that when it comes to technology, for the athletes it simply isn’t a consideration.”

Between now and the start of the Games, Atos Origin, as lead integrator, will work with its fellow technology partners under the direction of London 2012’s Technology Department to test and run the technology infrastructure and systems that will make the Games happen. This includes the portal to recruit 70,000 volunteers; the solutions that will deliver the results to the world’s media in 0.3 of a second and the systems to issue 200,000 accreditations that allow entry to the venues and serve as a visa for athletes, media, sponsor and officials to enter the UK, as well. By the time the Games arrive, Atos Origin will manage the deployment of 900 servers, 1,000 network and security devices and a staggering 9,500 computers.

Amongst the many hundreds of processes and systems set to be tested will be myInfo+ and the Commentator Information System (CIS).

myInfo+ will be available for the very first time at London 2012. The new internet application enables accredited media, sports officials and athletes to access information available to them. Competition schedules, medal ranking tables, transport news and sports records, will all be available via their laptops with users able to tailor their homepage so that it highlights the countries that they want to follow during the Games. The system also allows users to bookmark results and reports and use the hyper-links to easily navigate to other websites including those of the International Olympic Committee and London 2012.

The Commentator Information System displays results on touch-screen PCs in less than 0.3 seconds at venue broadcast sites, providing broadcasters with the results before they hear the roar of the crowd. CIS, myInfo+ and all other Atos Origin designed systems will, over the course of the next 18 months, be rigorously tested and cross referenced with every sports body and association to ensure they comply with the latest rules and regulations.

Commentator, Former world record holder in the 1500 m, 2000m and one mile, and Atos Origin Ambassador, Steve Cram, said: “As a commentator I fully understand the importance of being provided with information on the hundreds of athletes competing in the Games. Things can change in the blink of an eye and we need to be able to react to situations as and when they arise. The Commentator Information System, from Atos Origin, provides us with a constant flow of up to the second, detailed and invaluable information that, coupled with myInfo+, means we can deliver results almost instantaneously to the billions watching the Games.”

Atos Origin, who employ over 49,000 people in 40 countries around the world, has been the Worldwide IT Partner for the Olympic Games since Salt Lake City in 2002 and has, over the last eight years, become integral to making the Olympic Games a success. It is all of this experience and expertise that allows Atos Origin to consistently deliver outstanding results.

For the London 2012 Games, Atos Origin, as lead integrator, will work with its fellow technology partners under the direction of the London 2012 Technology Department to ensure successful delivery of the technology systems and infrastructure that make the Games happen. In the technology lab, the key partners are Acer for hardware, BT for cabling, Cisco for network devices and Omega for the critical testing of all the results systems and services.

New Bytes company aims to connect technology, people and processes

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Bytes Technology Group has launched Bytes Connect , a new company which will offer a full range of ICT services, including outsource services, resources, high-tech fully functional contact centres, IP and legacy voice solutions, unified and mobile communications, contact centres, structured cabling, LAN-WAN data solutions, and a comprehensive range of pre- and post- sales services.

Bytes Connect is the result of a merger of Bytes Communication Systems, Intelleca, and Bytes Outsource Services, which were amalgamated earlier this year under managing director Andrew Holden.

He says the term “Connect” encompasses everything the new company aims to achieve – the connection of technology, processes and people.

“The rationale behind the merger was two-fold,” says Holden. “Operationally there were significant synergies between the three companies, each of which were highly successful, and we decided to leverage these commonalities. Secondly, we wanted to streamline our operations to offer increased value to our extensive customer base. The new company has a foundation built on the people, processes and technology from all three operations.”

“Our products and services can align to customers’ business needs, connecting us to them in a mutually beneficial partnership,” Holden adds. “We will provide a single point of contact for an entire IT operation, either managed by us or retained in-house.”

He says the new company will facilitate the establishment of enduring partnerships with new and existing customers and partners.

Enterprise Networking Evolves

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Enterprise networking is evolving to meet the ever changing needs of the modern mobile business environment.  Louis Helmbold, Axiz Business Development Manager:  HP Networking says, “Enterprise networking has progressed from a file and print sharing tool to a communication resource enabling anywhere, anytime connectivity.”

He says that today’s workforce requires constant mobile access that enables them to work seamlessly wherever they are,  connecting and sharing information in real time. Helmbold says that as mobility solutions have evolved so to have enterprise networking.  “Enterprise networking can now provide significant advantages for forward-thinking, mobile organisations.”  Helmbold says organisations can expect increased productivity as a result of these network mobile solutions without compromising security.  “Infrastructure flexibility, bandwidth optimisation and consolidating a wired and wireless network in a unified manner are also part of a new mobile-focused enterprise networking environment.”

Mobile network connectivity includes both wired and wireless technologies, providing users with access across a broad range of environments.  “As we experience an increase in popularity and adoption of cloud computing, enterprise networking becomes even more of a reality.  It is imperative that internal cloud computing networks, which provide seamless storage and server access are created,” says Helmbold.

When deciding on an enterprise networking solution it is integral to choose an infrastructure that is reliable, easy to use, affordable, secure and well integrated.  According to Helmbold, Axiz understands the evolution of enterprise networking and mobility and together with HP have the expertise to provide companies with a dynamic solution.

Flexenclosure Nominated for 2011 Green Global Mobile Award

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The Global Mobile Award is the world’s most prestigious telecom/mobile award. It recognises excellence and innovation in mobile communications. The winner will be announced in Barcelona, Spain on February 15 at the Mobile World Congress, the world’s top telecom and mobile event.

Flexenclosure has been nominated for an award in the category “Best Green Product/Service or Performance”, a.k.a the Green Mobile Award, for its E-site solution. This category is for mobile industry organisations that are focused on the reduction of environmental impacts through eco-friendly, innovative policies, products, programmes or initiatives.

There are six companies competing for the Green Mobile Award. The other shortlisted entries are from Bharti Infratel, ACME Tele Power, Huawei Technologies, Orange and Vodafone Spain/Vodafone Group.

90 percent reduction on CO2 emissions and operating expenses

E-site is a revolutionary and “green” off-grid base station site solution powered mainly by renewable energy sources (sun and wind) and controlled by an intelligent control system, enabling massive savings in operating expenses and maintenance visits. Results show a more than 90% savings in fuel and a more than 80% savings in operating expenses, and the reduction of the need for maintenance visits to only one per year.

CO2 emissions from the base station, normally around 50 tonnes per station per year, are cut by more than 90%. E-site is ideal for off-grid base stations in emerging markets.

Second Wind’s Technology Gains Ground in South Africa’s Expanding Wind Energy Market

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Just six months after entering the South African wind power market, Second Wind has sold eight Triton sonic wind profilers and partnered with WISE-Wind Information Sentinel, a global wind data services provider, to support anticipated demand for Second Wind’s leading-edge remote sensing technology.

Second Wind delivered and installed its first Tritons in South Africa in June 2010. Since then, the Boston-based company has taken orders for five more Tritons, including several repeat orders from international wind developer Windlab, which has a development pipeline of just over 2,000MW in South Africa. As remote sensing systems are often deployed at faraway locations, a key performance standard is system reliability. The South African Triton implementations have been highly successful, with better than 99.7 percent uptime.

“Triton has taken off in South Africa very quickly, and we see that as an indication of strong future demand,” said Second Wind Vice President of Sales Peter Gibson. “South Africa is an important emerging market. The government has policy incentives in place and has announced its intention to build a clean energy economy, so we see a lot of opportunity in the near and long terms.”

South Africa’s wind resources are estimated by SAWEA (South African Wind Energy Association) to exceed 30GW. The country has a relatively modest 10MW of installed wind capacity today, but the government has a target of generating 10,000 GWh of power from renewable energy source by 2013 (700MW of which will come from wind). Several of the world’s leading wind turbine OEMs, project developers and service providers have already established a presence in South Africa.

To support current and future customers, Second Wind has partnered with WISE (Wind Information Sentinel), a Triton Certified Partner that also provides support for Second Wind products in Australia and New Zealand. WISE will provide certified local resources (including Cape Town-based meteorological instrument supplier AfriWeather and leading wind consultant Wind Prospect) to install, redeploy, and field service Tritons in South Africa. WISE and AfriWeather will also provide installation and maintenance support services on a number of the Triton units being installed in South Africa in early 2011.

“Tritons are now an accepted part of the wind monitoring landscape in Australia and New Zealand, in large part due to their reliability and flexibility of implementation,” said WISE CEO Ian Lloyd-Besson. “WISE is looking forward to working closely with Second Wind in South Africa to increase the use of this important development in wind monitoring technology in the region.”

Triton is an advanced remote sensing system that uses sodar (sound detection and ranging) technology to measure wind at higher heights than the previous tower-based standard. By measuring wind speeds at the turbine rotor’s hub height and beyond, up to 200 meters, Triton reduces uncertainty in annual energy production (AEP) forecasts. Triton’s ease of deployment also streamlines the wind farm development process. Wind energy companies use Triton to study wind conditions at proposed wind farm locations and for operating wind farms.

Organisations Speed Business Results with New Appliances from HP and Microsoft

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HP and Microsoft Corp. today announced a portfolio of four new converged application appliances that fuse applications, infrastructure and productivity tools into a single system. These solutions help organisations optimise employee productivity and decision-making, while simplifying the delivery of applications for IT. The HP Business Decision Appliance is available now to run business intelligence services, and the HP E5000 Messaging System for Microsoft Exchange Server is planned to be available in 45 days to run messaging services. Two other appliances are expected to be available later this year.

Until now there have been two ways to deploy critical business applications: highly customised deployments that take too long, or proprietary stacks of applications and infrastructure that are inherently rigid and slow to change. The result is only 32 percent of IT projects that deliver critical business applications are rated as “successful” by the organisations implementing them.

Delivering on the companies’ extended partnership announced a year ago, the new converged application appliances from HP and Microsoft are the industry’s first systems designed for IT as well as end users. They deliver application services such as business intelligence, data warehousing, online transaction processing and messaging. The jointly engineered appliances, and related consulting and support services, enable IT to deliver critical business applications in as little as one hour, compared with potentially months needed for traditional systems. One of the solutions already offered by HP and Microsoft – the HP Enterprise Data Warehouse Appliance – delivers up to 200 times faster queries and 10 times the scalability of traditional SQL Server deployments.

“Customers are looking to significantly reduce implementation and decision times,” said David McMurdo, Industry Standard Servers Sales and Business Unit Manager, HP South Africa. “With our converged application appliances, HP and Microsoft enable customers to shorten the time required to deliver information, which helps to reduce risk and cost.”

“Microsoft and HP are helping IT professionals fight their biggest foes – time and complexity,” said Desmond Nair, Server and Tools Business Group Lead, Microsoft South Africa. “With these appliances, we’re helping to put critical business information in our customers’ hands when they need it.”

Expanding the reach of business intelligence

With the HP Business Decision Appliance, HP and Microsoft have greatly reduced the time and effort it takes for IT to configure, deploy and manage a comprehensive business intelligence solution, compared with a traditional business intelligence solution where applications, infrastructure and productivity tools are not pre-integrated. This appliance is optimised for Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft SharePoint and can be installed and configured by IT in less than one hour.

The solution enables end users to share data analyses built with Microsoft’s award-winning PowerPivot add-in for Microsoft Excel and collaborate with others in SharePoint 2010. It allows IT to centrally audit, monitor and manage solutions created by end users from a single dashboard.

Red Wing Shoe Company, a worldwide manufacturer and retailer of premium work shoes and boots, was an early adopter of the HP Business Decision Appliance through GNet, an HP/Microsoft Frontline channel partner.

“We were intrigued by the idea that we could implement a turnkey solution that was fully integrated into our environment with minimal effort,” said Mike Cleary, director, IT Architecture and Operations, Red Wing Shoe Company. “Previously, to install all the required software and configure the components would have taken us several days. Now, not only our business analysts but the broader user community can use a familiar tool, Microsoft Excel, to create and analyse data in new and unique ways.”

Scalable from midsized organisations to large enterprise environments, converged application appliances also offer HP/Microsoft Frontline channel partners like GNet significant sales opportunities. Because the appliances are open, based on industry-standards and can be integrated into heterogeneous data centres, they are ideal offerings for channel partners.

The HP Business Data Warehouse Appliance is a data store designed for small and midsize businesses that delivers enterprise-class functionality with increased simplicity and administrator-free operation. This appliance complements the HP Enterprise Data Warehouse Appliance, which is designed for large organisations, optimised for SQL Server 2008 R2 and was introduced in November. The HP Enterprise Data Warehouse Appliance improves data access with massive scalability and faster queries than traditional SQL Server databases. Through interoperability with the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform, customers can deliver managed business intelligence solutions to everyone in an organisation.

Enterprise-class messaging in hours

The new HP E5000 Messaging System for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 is the industry’s first self-contained, pre-configured platform for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 that delivers enterprise-class messaging to businesses of all sizes. This messaging system, which can be deployed in as little as a few hours, delivers large mailboxes at a low cost, centralised archiving and 24/7 access from any device, and it can scale as business needs grow.

Customers benefit from built-in features such as the HP Quick Deployment tool, which validates configuration and active directory permissions to enable faster implementation. In addition, compatibility between management tools such as HP Systems Insight Manager and Microsoft System Centre Operations Manager, as well as support, help reduce the amount of time required to implement the solution.

To help ensure uninterrupted service, the appliance features designed-in best practices with fully redundant hardware and Database Availability Groups, a Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 feature that continuously replicates data.

Delivering on the promise of private clouds

In addition to workload-specific appliances, HP and Microsoft plan to deliver the HP Database Consolidation Appliance. This appliance consolidates hundreds of databases into a single, virtual environment, providing customers with a private cloud database solution that offers self-service, on-demand scalability and dynamic elasticity with the additional control offered through an on-premises deployment.

Optimized for SQL Server 2008 R2 and Microsoft Hyper-V Cloud, the appliance will be delivered as complete, pre-installed, pre-tuned hardware with rapid deployment and enhanced manageability. Similar capabilities of the appliance will be offered as a reference architecture to customers who have advanced IT skills and prefer to build their own appliance with best practice guidance from HP and Microsoft.

Accelerating business service delivery

HP and Microsoft will offer support and consulting services for the converged application appliances to help customers accelerate business service delivery. The services portfolios include assessment, design, proof of concept and implementation, as well as ongoing support. The services use HP and Microsoft’s expertise in delivering comprehensive, simplified solutions for data management, business intelligence, data warehouse and messaging.

Availability and pricing

· The HP Business Decision Appliance with three years of HP 24/7 hardware and software support services is available today from HP and HP/Microsoft Frontline channel partners. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and Microsoft SharePoint 2010 are licensed separately.

· The HP Enterprise Data Warehouse Appliance with services for site assessment, installation and start-up, as well as three years of HP 24/7 hardware and software support services, is available today from HP and HP/Microsoft Frontline channel partners. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 is licensed separately. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Parallel Data Warehouse is scheduled to be released locally at a later date.

· The HP E5000 Messaging System with three years of HP 24/7 hardware and software support services is expected to be available in March from HP and HP/Microsoft Frontline channel partners.

· The HP Business Data Warehouse Appliance is expected to be available in June, and the HP Database Consolidation Appliance is planned to be available in the second half of this year.

EMC Helps Channel Partners Serve SMB Market with Simple, Efficient and Affordable VNXe Systems

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With the unveiling of the simple, efficient and affordable EMC VNXe series unified storage systems, EMC Corporation is enabling partners to address the demand for storage area networks (SAN) and network attached solutions (NAS) in the SMB market with one easy solution.

To make the new VNXe series accessible, EMC has created the new Authorised Reseller category to enable partners of any size to easily add the VNXe series into their product portfolio. For partners aspiring to join the EMC Velocity Solution Provider Partner Programme, the VNXe series makes it easier than ever to attain the minimum training and revenue requirements of the Affiliate tier to enjoy all the benefits and resources the programme offers.

All partners can quickly and cost-effectively get up to speed in under three hours with free training, and enjoy the associated benefits of offering leading storage technology from EMC. By completing the time-efficient QuickStart training that combines self-paced eLearning and short videos, partners are authorised to deliver basic implementation and support services to enhance margins.

Additionally, the industry-leading Velocity Partner Programme provides the most powerful tools to help partners identify new business opportunities, increase profitability, differentiate their offerings across market segments and provide extensive partner service enablement. Key features of the Authorised Reseller category and Velocity Partner Programme combined with the simplicity and affordability of VNXe include:

  1. Simplified process managed by distributors for resellers to sell the VNXe with the introduction of the Authorised Reseller category of partners that provides a path to joining the Velocity Solutions Provider Partner Programme.
  2. Entry-level Velocity Affiliate tier makes it easier than ever to join the Velocity Partner Programme and enjoy the associated benefits and rewards to drive profitability.
  3. Simple and efficient free training to be authorised to sell the VNXe systems in under three hours to take advantage of significant sales opportunities and free QuickStart online training that combines self-paced eLearning and short videos to capture profitable implementation and support services opportunities with the VNXe systems, including providing customers with hardware and software upgrades.
  4. Dedicated demand generation, marketing support and advertising to drive awareness of the VNXe series and help partners capture the unified storage demand in the SMB market.
  5. Simple online ordering process, enabling partners to easily custom-configure a system to meet their customer’s requirements.

The new channel-optimised VNXe systems are the result of a multi-year development effort and were designed to meet the needs of SMB customers, including their preferences for purchasing and deploying new storage technology.

With the VNXe series, EMC is for the first time enabling a broad range of new and existing partners to address the SMB unified storage demand with leading technology from EMC.

Now EMC partners can easily bundle advanced storage technology into comprehensive, differentiated solutions and services they offer to SMB customers.

News Summary

New Authorised Reseller category enables resellers globally to sell the VNXe series and provides a logical path to attain industry-leading Velocity Programme status.

  1. VNXe series makes it easier than ever to attain the minimum training and revenue requirements to join the EMC Velocity Solution Provider Programme’s Affiliate tier.
  2. Free and easy training gets partners up and running in under three hours, making the VNXe accessible to partners of any size, specifically those focused on volume sales.
  3. Partners have significant services opportunities after completing free QuickStart training to deliver basic VNXe series implementation and support services. QuickStart is a combination of self-paced eLearning and short videos.
  4. Dedicated EMC demand generation, marketing support and advertising to drive awareness of the VNXe series for partners.

EMC Unveils New VNX Unified Storage Family Delivering Record-Breaking Simplicity, Efficiency and Affordability

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EMC Corporation, the world leader in information infrastructure solutions, has introduced a new family of unified storage systems – EMC® VNX®.

The new storage solutions consolidate the industry-leading features and functionality of EMC CLARiiON and EMC Celerra into a single, powerful family of unified storage arrays that scale from entry-level to data centre-class systems. The VNXe (for entry) series is designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses, department-level storage solutions for enterprise, and remote or branch offices, combining breakthrough simplicity with advanced performance, availability and efficiency benefits (see related VNXe Velocity Partner Programme announcement).

The VNXe series delivers unmatched simplicity, efficiency, and affordability for small and medium-sized businesses. Its unique capabilities include the ability to:

  1. Provision storage for hundreds of Microsoft Exchange Server mailboxes, or a 1TB VMware data store, in less than 2 minutes.
  2. Automatically double storage capacity utilisation using advanced data reduction technologies.
  3. Provide automated diagnosis, service, and technical support information in a single click.

The new VNX series provides 3-times simpler management, 3-times the efficiency, and 3-times the performance than current EMC midrange storage systems, enabling customers to:

  1. Run Microsoft SQL Server 3-times faster.
  2. Run Oracle OLTP 3-times faster.
  3. Boot 500 virtual desktops in 8 minutes.
  4. Reduce Microsoft SQL Server administration and tuning chores by hours per week.
  5. Improve capacity efficiency up to 3-times with the EMC FAST Suite, compression and file de-duplication.

In Q3 2010, EMC was the #1 market share leader in worldwide external disk storage systems with over 26% market share according to IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Disk Storage Systems Tracker (December 2010). The VNX family is the future of EMC’s midrange storage systems, and will extend EMC’s market share leadership. The VNX family is fully optimised for virtual applications, designed with the latest Intel® multi-core processor technology to achieve record-breaking performance. It also introduces new, comprehensive software packages for simple and affordable management and total data protection.

Both the VNXe series and VNX series are managed by EMC Unisphere®, a centralised and simple interface. The VNXe systems are designed for IT professionals with little storage expertise. The unique wizard-based setup and application-centric provisioning enables customers to configure storage for 500 Exchange mailboxes – or 1TB of VMware data stores – in just a few minutes. For small and medium-sized businesses, Unisphere application-driven wizards make VNXe simple to install, simple to provision and simple to manage – with instant access to a self-service online community.

News Summary

  1. The EMC® VNX™ family – designed for virtual data centres – converges industry-leading EMC CLARiiON® storage area network (SAN) and EMC Celerra® network attached storage (NAS) systems into a single, unified family of solutions. The VNX family includes the VNXe™ (entry) series with breakthrough simplicity for small and medium businesses, and the VNX series, delivering leadership performance, efficiency, and simplicity for demanding virtual application environments.
  2. The VNXe series is the world’s simplest unified storage system, providing application-optimised management and single-click help and support. The VNXe series is designed for the IT Manager who does not specialise in storage.
  3. The highly scalable VNX series delivers 3-times simpler management, 3-times better efficiency, and 3-times more performance than current EMC midrange storage systems. With the EMC FAST (Fully Automated Storage Tiering) Suite, including FAST VP (Virtual Pools) and FAST Cache, the VNX series offers superior performance, capacity optimisation, and comprehensive storage management functionality, while exploiting the benefits of Solid State Drives (SSD). The systems dramatically simplify the deployment and management of virtualised applications, including Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and Microsoft Exchange Server, VMware View virtual desktops, and Oracle databases.

VNXe Series Product Highlights

Powerful application-based provisioning wizards for breakthrough simplicity, including support for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Compact 2U and 3U packaging fits almost any environment.

Built-in support for file-based (CIFS, NFS) and block-based (iSCSI) storage.

No single-point-of-failure design.

Built-in data protection, including replication.

Advanced efficiency features including thin provisioning, file de-duplication and compression.

Integrated self-help and support infrastructure automates and speeds problem resolution.

Advanced 6Gbps high-performance SAS and Nearline SAS drive for high-capacity support.

Scalable up to 120 disk drives (240 TB).

VNX Series Product Highlights

Combines the market-leading capabilities of EMC CLARiiON and EMC Celerra into a single, unified platform – with 3-times the performance of previous generations.

Based on Intel® Xeon® 5600 multi-core processor technology to maximise solution throughput and bandwidth.

Industry’s most advanced automated storage tiering (FAST VP).

Only storage solution offering both automated file and block sub-LUN tiering using FAST VP and powerful, extendable system cache with FAST Cache

Supports 6Gbps SAS, Nearline SAS and SSD drive types.

Scales up-to 2 PB per system (1000 drives).

Support for multiple protocols and data-types including: FC, iSCSI, FCoE, NFS, CIFS, SOAP, REST.

Integrated data protection, security and compliance.

EMC Delivers World’s Most Powerful, Trusted and Smartest Storage Array

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EMC Corporation has announced new software capabilities for its industry-leading Symmetrix® VMAX™ storage systems, dramatically increasing performance and simplifying the way petabytes (1 petabyte = 1,000 terabytes) of information can be managed.

Designed for mission-critical virtual data centres, it is the world’s most powerful, trusted and smartest storage array. The new capabilities were announced as part of major customer, partner, press and analyst events being held worldwide.

News Summary

  1. New software release doubles system performance with no hardware upgrade required.
  2. New version of FAST VP (Fully Automated Storage Tiering with Virtual Pools) software automatically optimises systems and lowers costs by 40%.
  3. New Federated Live Migration capabilities cut technology refresh time and cost by 75%.
  4. New VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V integration makes it possible for scale-out Symmetrix VMAX cluster to support 5 million virtual machines.
  5. New data-at-rest encryption capabilities using embedded encryption and key management from RSA.

Symmetrix VMAX Software Highlights

  1. The latest version of SymmetrixEnginuity™ software doubles system performance with no hardware upgrade required. It fully leverages Intel® Xeon® technology integrated into VMAX to deliver up to twice as many OLTP transactions and DSS queries, making the fastest storage system even faster and further increasing workload scale.
  2. New EMC FAST VP (Fully Automated Storage Tiering with Virtual Pools) software optimises Symmetrix VMAX for performance, utilisation, and cost. Compared to single-tier systems, FAST VP delivers up to 40% more application performance at a 40% lower cost while requiring 87% fewer disks and 75% less power. The energy efficiencies of VMAX with FAST VP will enable customers to reduce power consumption in 2011 by over 270 million kilowatt hours – enough to power 24,400 homes.
  3. New Federated Live Migration software creates a new storage category by introducing the industry’s first and only built in array-based functionality for technology refreshes that require zero application downtime and 75% less migration time, planning and resources.
  4. New virtual server integration delivers unprecedented scale with up to 5 million virtual machines on a single VMAX. In addition, new VMware API support provides 800% faster management and provisioning and 300% faster replication and mobility.
  5. New hardware-based encryption for safeguarding data-at-rest with no performance impact. Built-in RSA Data Protection Manager technology provides drive-level data security combined with hardened key management which, when combined with existing VMAX security technologies, provides the industry’s only totally secure multi-tenancy storage infrastructure.
  6. New native 10 Gigabit Ethernet delivers the industry’s first and only high-end storage array to support network convergence across all host platform types, including virtual servers, open systems, and mainframe environments. In addition, native Ethernet support can be used for remote replication over extended IP networks and provides a more than 50% connectivity cost saving compared to competitive alternatives.

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