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Spam with malicious attachments doubles

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Kaspersky Lab announces the publication of its spam report for the third quarter of 2010

According to the report, the share of spam messages with malicious attachments more than doubled in the third quarter of the year, and averaged 4.6% compared to 1.9% in the second quarter. At the beginning of Q3 2010, the percentage of malicious attachments in email traffic exceeded 6.3% – an unprecedented figure. Kaspersky Lab analysts suggest this may be down to spammers simply switching their focus from individual clients to working with partner programs, including those linked to the spread of malware.

The type of mass mailing with the most variations was fake notifications from resources such as Twitter, Facebook, WindowsLive, MySpace, and a number of popular online stores. The links contained in these notifications redirected users to a spammer service that downloaded the Bredolab backdoor to users’ computers which was then used to download various other Trojans.

“The increase in the volume and quality of mass malicious mailings confirms that spammers and cybercriminals have started acting in unison to create complex infection strategies, which include connecting a victim computer to a botnet, sending out spam, stealing personal information and so on,” says Darya Gudkova, Head of Content Analysis & Research at Kaspersky Lab.

Overall, the amount of spam in the third quarter fell compared to the previous quarter and averaged 82.3%. Users saw considerably less spam in their inboxes in September, with a drop of 1.5 percentage points compared to August. This was due to the closure of over 20 control centers used by the Pushdo/Cutwail botnet which was responsible for approximately 10% of all spam worldwide. The threat posed by this botnet was not just the sheer volume of spam that it distributed, but also its connection to the spread of particularly malicious programs such as Zbot (ZeuS) and TDSS. When the botnet’s command centers were closed down, an enormous number of bots ceased distributing spam as they were no longer under the spammers’ control.

Another closure in the third quarter was initiated by the spammers themselves when the partner program SpamIt announced it was shutting down its operations. This particular partner program was responsible for an enormous amount of pharmaceutical spam. The program’s websites ( and posted the reasons for the closure as “a long list of negative events over the past year and intensified attention being paid to the partner program’s operations”.

“The closure of one partner program — even a major one — will only result in a temporary decrease in the amount of advertisements for Viagra in our inboxes; the spammers aren’t about to abandon such a lucrative business,” states Darya Gudkova. “More likely than not, the organizers of the partner program will simply open a new program that will, for a while, remain under the radar of the anti-spam vendors and law enforcement agencies.”

The main trend in the third quarter was a closer alignment between the spam industry and virus writers. Spam is no longer just an annoyance, it is now a component used in illegal schemes to steal confidential data that can then be used to make money. However, the situation is drawing the attention of legislators and law enforcement agencies.

Cybercrime strikes more than two-thirds of Internet users

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New Norton study of 7000 web users is first to gauge emotional effect of cybercrime; victims feel ripped off and angry

The next time you surf the Internet, consider this: You might be just one click away from becoming the next cybercrime victim. A study released from security software maker Norton reveals the staggering prevalence of cybercrime: Two-thirds (65 percent) of Internet users globally have fallen victim to cybercrimes, including online credit-card fraud, identity theft and computer viruses.

The Norton Cybercrime Report: The Human Impact shines a light on the personal toll cybercrime takes. The first study to examine the emotional effects of cybercrime, it shows that victims’ strongest reactions are anger (58 percent), annoyance(51 percent) and a feeling of having been cheated (40 percent). Many blame themselves for being attacked. Only three percent don’t think it will happen to them, and nearly 80 percent do not expect cybercriminals to be brought to justice. The result is a sense of helplessness and a reluctance to take action.

Despite the emotional burden, the universal threat, and the incidence of cybercrime, people still aren’t changing their behaviour – with only half saying they would change their behaviour if they became a victim. More disturbingly, fewer than half (44 percent) reported the crime to the police.

One cybercrime victim explained, ‘I was emotionally and financially unprepared because I never thought I would be a victim of such a crime. I felt violated, as if someone had actually come inside my home to gather this information, and as if my entire family was exposed to this criminal act. Now I can’t help but wonder if other information has been illegally acquired and just sitting in the wrong people’s hands, waiting for an opportunity to be used.’

Solving cybercrime can be highly frustrating. According to the report, it takes an average of 28 days to resolve a cybercrime, and the average cost of doing so is R2300. Twenty-eight percent of respondents said the biggest challenge they faced when dealing with cybercrime was the time it took to solve.

But despite the challenge, reporting a cybercrime is critical. ’We all pay for cybercrime, either directly or through pass-along costs from our financial institutions,’ said Kara Rawden, Senior Marketing Manager Middle East & Africa, Consumer Business Unit, Symantec. ’Cybercriminals purposely steal small amounts to remain undetected, but all of these add up. If you fail to report a loss, you may actually be helping the criminal to stay under the radar.’

But there are simple steps people can take to protect themselves, according to the report. ‘People resist protecting themselves and their computers because they think it’s too complicated,’ said Anne Collier, co-director of and editor of, who collaborated with Norton on the study. ’But everyone can take simple steps, such as having up-to-date, comprehensive security software in place. Where online crime is concerned, an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure.’

Cyberoam in the visionary quadrant for UTM

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Evaluation based on Completeness of Vision and the Ability to Execute

Cyberoam, a division of Elitecore Technologies, and a leading provider of identity-based Unified Threat Management (UTM) security appliances, today announced it has been positioned by Gartner, Inc. in the visionary quadrant of the “Magic Quadrant for Unified Threat Management” report. A total of thirteen security vendors were included in the Magic Quadrant based on their ability to execute and completeness of vision.

According to the Gartner report, “In 2009, the worldwide UTM market was worth approximately $1.5 billion, representing 25% growth over Gartner’s 2007 estimate, with a forecast of 20% to 25% compound annual growth rate through 2012. This market is largely driven by turnkey appliance solutions, although there are pure software UTM solutions available.”

Says Hemal Patel, CEO – Elitecore Technologies, “We consider our position in the visionary quadrant as a testimony to our in-depth understanding of SMB security issues, and the amount of innovation we put into addressing those challenges. Cyberoam’s product development efforts are directly driven by customer pain points and we stand out in the security space due to our timely ability to launch innovative products based on a well-defined market feedback analysis.”

With a deployment base now across 97+ countries, Cyberoam UTM secures global corporations in the manufacturing, healthcare, finance, retail, IT sectors and more in addition to educational institutions, public sector and large government organizations. At this time, the security vendor is making significant inroads into the US, Europe and Latin America markets.

The complete report is available to Gartner clients at

About the Magic Quadrant

The Magic Quadrant is copyrighted 2010 by Gartner, Inc., and is reused with permission. The Magic Quadrant is a graphical representation of a marketplace at and for a specific time period.  It depicts Gartner’s analysis of how certain vendors measure against criteria for that marketplace, as defined by Gartner.  Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in the Magic Quadrant, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors placed in the “Leaders” quadrant.  The Magic Quadrant is intended solely as a research tool, and is not meant to be a specific guide to action.

Gartner disclaims all warranties, express or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose

Reference: Gartner, Inc., “Magic Quadrant for Unified Threat Management” by John Pescatore and Bob Walder, Oct. 22, 2010.

About Cyberoam

Cyberoam identity-based UTM appliances offer comprehensive protection against existing and emerging Internet threats, including viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, phishing, pharming and more. Cyberoam UTM delivers the complete range of security features such as stateful inspection firewall, VPN, gateway anti-virus, gateway anti-malware, gateway anti-spam, intrusion prevention system, content filtering in addition to bandwidth management and multiple link management over a single platform. Cyberoam UTM has recently upgraded its feature offerings with the launch of Version X – application Layer 7 Visibility, IM Management and Control, 3G/WWAN Connectivity, Extensible Security Architecture, Next-generation UI and “IPv6 Ready” Gold Logo.

The Cyberoam solution portfolio also includes Cyberoam iView, a logging and reporting appliance, Cyberoam SSL VPN appliances and Cyberoam Endpoint Data Protection suite to protect data and manage assets over endpoints in organizations. Cyberoam is certified with CheckMark UTM Level 5 Certification, ICSA Labs, and is a member of the Virtual Private Network Consortium. Cyberoam has offices in Woburn, MA and India.

About Elitecore

Elitecore Technologies Limited is the global provider of Cyberoam UTM appliances. Elitecore’s other divisions include CRESTEL Convergent Billing Solution that meets the voice, data, video billing and customer care requirements of Tier-1 service providers and 24online Billing and Bandwidth Management Solution for hotels, hotspots and Internet service providers. Elitecore has a strong R&D base and support center in India.

Esquire Gets You Connected with the Latest ASUS Products

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Leading distributors of IT and digital lifestyle products, Esquire Technologies, announced its appointment as distributor for ASUSTek Computer Incorporated (ASUS) network and multimedia product range.

The networking range comprises Wi-Fi, wired or powerline products, as well as routers and access points and the multimedia products include audio cards, digital media players and TV tuners.

Esquire’s Managing Director, Asgar Mahomed, said, The collaboration between Esquire and ASUS will provide an unique opportunity for both companies to meet the growing demands for technology products within the dynamic South African market. The ASUS portfolio extends our large technology portfolio to offer our resellers a premium, global range at competitive prices.”

Jack Chen, Country manager of ASUS South Africa, added, We have appointed Esquire as the local distributor of ASUS networking products to help us fill the growing gap that we have observed in the market. Our range of solutions is perfectly placed to serve the wide range of demands in the South African context.

From the network range, the ASUS Modem Router serves multiple purposes as the  Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) has an access point for wireless network, a four-port router for hard-wiring Ethernet devices and brings it all together so that the devices can access a high-speed Internet connection of up to 300 Mbps network link speeds.

With easy installation, users can set up and protect Wi-Fi environments with the EZ UI quick internet setup and experience uninterrupted connectivity to PCs, laptops, mobile and gaming devices. The modem also comes with a unique EZQoS engine that enables users to set their bandwidth priority and manage the network traffic during high internet periods to suit their bandwidth needs.

The ASUS USB 2.0 wireless adapter complements the modem, providing users with better performance, as well as secure, consistent connection, faster downloads and media streaming.  The adapter is supported by PSP Xlink Kai so that gaming enthusiasts can connect to multiple online players.

Asus network and multimedia products are available immediately at Esquire Technologies contact 086 170 0000 or email for your closest outlet.

Garmin launches GPSMAP 62 outdoor handheld

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The prestigious successor to the iconic GPSMAP 60

Garmin Distribution Africa (Pty) Ltd has announced that the GPSMAP 62 series, the successor to the successful GPSMAP 60 rugged outdoor handheld device, has been launched with a new look, new mapping options and new exciting features.

According to Walter Mech, Director of Sales and Marketing at Garmin Distribution Africa, the GPSMAP 62 series features two distinct waterproof models – the GPSMAP 62 and GPSMAP 62s – aimed at outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers, off-road sports enthusiasts and leisure boaters, to people who geochache and nature lovers.

“The basic GPSMAP 62 includes a built-in worldwide basemap with shaded relief. The GPSMAP 62s adds a 3-axis tilt-compensated electronic compass and wireless connectivity for sharing routes, tracks, waypoints and geocaches between other compatible Garmin Outdoor handhelds,” he says.

“GPSMAP 62s also includes a barometric altimeter that tracks changes in pressure to pinpoint your precise altitude. Users can also plot barometric pressure over time, which can help keep an eye on changing weather conditions.”

“Adding maps is easy with Garmap’s detailed Digital Elevation Model (DEM), topographic and road maps,” he says.

“With 1.7GB of onboard memory, you can conveniently download BlueChart g2 for a great day on the water or Garmap Southern Africa Streetmaps for turn-by-turn routing on roads.

“GPSMAP 62 also supports BirdsEye Satellite Imagery (subscription required), that lets you download satellite images to your device and integrate them with your maps. In addition, the units are compatible with Garmin Custom Maps, free software that transforms paper and electronic maps into downloadable maps for your device.

“The GPSMAP 62 also supports geocaching GPX files for downloading geocaches and details straight to your unit. You can store and display key information, including location, terrain, difficulty, hints and descriptions, which means no more manually entering coordinates and paper print outs!” Mech explains.

GPSMAP 62 series features a 2.6” sunlight-readable colour display, up to 20 hours of battery life, a high-sensitivity GPS receiver and a quad helix antenna for unparalleled reception.

The GPSMAP 62 series is made even more versatile through its universal mounting system that is compatible with the same accessories as Garmin’s Oregon, Dakota and Colorado products.

“The Garmin GPSMAP 62 and 62s give you all the tools to get out and explore the beauty that South Africa has to offer,” Mech says.

“Whether you’re out looking for hidden geocaches, doing some serious off-roading or even exploring new waterways, the GPSMAP 62 series takes recreational navigation to a new level. It’s time to live the adventure!” he concludes.

MTN Business: Changing the world one bit at a time

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MTN Business Leading CEO Council achieves what it set out to accomplish

Nothing can take the place of experience, but if the talented youth of today continue to learn and grow from the knowledge and wisdom of its current leaders, a great future lies ahead for South Africa. This is the sentiment that came out of the MTN Business Leading CEO Council that took place in Oubaai from 29 October – 31 October 2010.

Now in its sixth year, the annual Leading CEO Council is designed to develop solutions to improve the quality of leadership in South Africa and is the only platform dedicated to addressing the leadership crisis by bringing together three generations of the country’s smartest thinkers including 24 top businessmen and women, 24 protégées and 4 specifically selected matriculants.

Says Angela Gahagan, Managing Executive at MTN Business; “Spending a weekend with like-minded people allowed for the opportunity to really openly debate how to improve the quality of leadership locally. It is a really special experience when 24 leading CEO’s – all giving of their precious time – provide individual experiences and context to meet a common cause.”

Over the course of the weekend, protégés and mentors discussed important business issues such as corporate social impact and sustainability as well as ethics and best business practices. Additionally, conversations around essential qualities of great leaders in the workplace were high on the agenda, along with how to recognise and hone the abilities of successors, and how leadership skills must evolve as the world changes.

“It was refreshing to meet the protégés who have an appetite for change in this country and who made no excuses to harness the enormous potential sitting in the room with them. Each protégé gathered as much information as possible and I believe learnt a great deal, which in itself makes an event of this nature worth every cent spent – ultimately to maintain leadership legacies for generations to come!”

Concludes Gahagan; “In addition to the business element, we also had the opportunity to engage with each other during more informal and fun activities. I personally enjoyed the sporting challenge. Pure strangers join together to complete the task with a competitive team spirit – it’s exactly how the business industry should be.  As catalysts for change, MTN Business is proud to have hosted such a successful and meaningful event and we look forward to continuing our discussions and building relationships going forward as well as once again sponsoring next year’s event.”

Microsoft recognises Datacentrix skills in Unified Communications space

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IT systems, software, hardware and consulting services provider, Datacentrix has been recognised for its strength in the Unified Communications (UC) space for the first time, receiving a finalist award within the UC category at Microsoft South Africa’s recent annual Partner Conference held at Sun City.

“The nomination criteria for the award were exceedingly stringent,” explains Brett Marais, Datacentrix’ Business Unit Manager: Software Infrastructure Solutions. “Datacentrix was extremely proud to be recognised as a finalist in this category.”

He says that Datacentrix was presented the finalist award for its recent successful implementation of UC at a government institution, which had specific and critical communication requirements during the recent 2010 World Cup period. The solution included the provision of software-powered voice over Internet protocol (VoIP), unified conferencing – including audio, video, and Web – as well as enterprise instant messaging.

“The business benefit to the customer was the availability of a flexible solution with tools to help manage and secure compliant communications. At the same time, Datacentrix delivered an extensive communications platform that works with existing messaging and telephony infrastructure and can be adapted to changing business needs.”

Marais adds that the achievement was testament to the hard work and focused specialisation of the Datacentrix team. With UC currently a hot topic in the industry, he says the award confirmed that Datacentrix is well positioned to provide value-driven solutions across all customer segments in the UC area of expertise.

“The effort we put into answering an intensive questionnaire, submitting a detailed proposal, being short-listed and finally undergoing a face-to-face interview, was worthwhile. It confirms the quality of the solutions we are providing.”

Get protection! Lightning does strike twice

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While the summer rains have been greatly anticipated and bring welcome relief to our suddenly warm weather, they also bring with them a highly destructive force – lightning. In fact, according to the South African Weather Service (SAWS), South Africa has one of the highest lightning ground-flash densities in the world.

“This increased thunderstorm activity – and its related brownouts and blackouts – increases pressure on utility companies facing the challenge of supplying a continuous power supply to consumers. The threat of power problems combined with increased demand on the power grid escalates the potential for power problems,” explains Paolo Miglietta, VP for Southern Africa at global leader in critical power and cooling services, APC by Schneider Electric.

“Surges or spikes can happen at any time due to a number of causes including lightning strikes, the on-rush of current following an outage, or even the presence of high-powered electrical motors such as air conditioners or other household appliances,” he adds. “These power fluctuations not only can cause permanent damage to expensive and sensitive electronic equipment, they often result in equipment downtime, lost productivity, and lost data.

“The increased use of power in the summer months for items such as air conditioners and indoor electronics along with the constant threat of power surges, spikes and lightning, make it critical to have reliable power protection in the home or business.”

Miglietta maintains that while many people use a reliable surge suppressor or uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to protect their PCs, many do not understand the need to protect themselves from “back-door” surges, such as those from communication lines and computer peripherals. “APC recommends power protection for PCs and peripherals including printers, telephone/fax lines and cable modems as well as other sensitive household devices such as televisions, stereo systems, DVD players and satellite dishes.”

Power protection begins with combating surges and spikes. The first consideration should be to keep the hardware itself safe from damage. “Bear in mind that when purchasing a surge protector, the lower the let-through voltage rating, the better your equipment will be protected,” he says.

For a complete power protection solution, he recommends choosing an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), a battery backup that helps to save data by keeping computer systems running with no interruption in the event of a brownout, which is a lowering of AC power voltage for some period of time.

Brownouts can be very harmful to electronic equipment if sustained for long periods, causing flickering or dimming on computer screens. A UPS allows the user to complete a transaction, save ongoing work and gracefully shutdown the equipment.

“Surge suppressors and UPS systems on the market today can also provide protection against the risk of surges through telephone/fax/modem, cable, television and network lines,” Miglietta adds. “By using this type of equipment, damaging power surges brought on by summer storms need no longer be a concern.”

CaTS expands in Tanzania

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C.a.T.S to move into bigger offices in Tanzania after IBM’s announcement to open offices there

Computer Assisted Telephony Systems (CaTS), one of a number of active business partners for IBM’s lotus Foundations Start solution – a version of Lotus specifically aimed at the small and medium enterprise business market – is to move into bigger premises in Dar-es-Salam, Tanzania, and has appointed a business development manager, taking the staff count to five people.

This is due to the fact that IBM, seeing the growth in Africa – which is pegged by analysts at around 5% this year – is also opening offices in Tanzania.

Said Johan Grobler, MD of CaTS:” We are an IBM reseller and recently launched IBM’s Lotus Foundations Start solution in Tanzania. The fact that they are moving to Tanzania means we have more punch, more credibility. We need to piggy-back off that so we have moved into larger, better placed offices, and committed more staff and resources.”

Grobler said the company is also due to open offices in Nigeria, adding that he expects IBM to follow suite.

“They have a big drive into Africa planned and a lot of private and institutional investors are looking at emerging markets as good places to invest  due to their growth. Europe, as a whole, is expected to grow at 0.5% during the next year – if they are lucky, and contagion  matters like the possible Greece economic crisis is not making things easier. Africa is growing at 5%. This is enticing investment and African companies will benefit from this.

“This is probably why 80% of our revenue currently comes from African countries. We don’t see this changing. But with IBM being based in Tanzania, as well, our relations with customers can improve considerably. We are fairly bullish for the next 12 months, in terms of sales growth.”

CaTS’ is currently active in countries that include Lesotho, Nigeria,the DRC and Tanzania.

“We also work with IBM from a unified communications point of view – as we are essentially telephony experts. But we found that our expertise fits perfectly with IBM’s Lotus solution, especially the IBM Lotus Foundation Start solution, which is expected to be a big boon to smaller companies.”

The new small business Lotus solution from IBM is a proven platform that will deliver enterprise-class performance and reliability. The IBM Lotus Foundation application is a full-featured solution that is aimed at minimising costs, simplifying the complexity traditionally associated with IT. It is also aimed at protecting existing user investments, while designed to meet the unique needs of smaller businesses.

Vox Amvia launches information privacy consulting

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In response to impending privacy legislation, corporate fax leaders Vox Amvia have launched a consulting practice to assist customers with achieving legislative compliance within their fax environments.

Various privacy acts including Basel II and the Protection of Personal Information Bill are creating onerous obligations for companies to ensure their customers’ information remains safe and secure.

According to attorney and information security consultant Mark Heyink, persons or entities responsible for processing personal information that don’t comply with the proposed legislation could face criminal and civil liability once it is enacted. “The lawful processing of personal information of employees and clients is a constitutional duty common to all businesses. The bill addresses the conditions and safeguards that need to be established and maintained by businesses to properly discharge this duty.”

“Companies are taking measures to ensure they meet the requirements of the proposed act within their email and data storage facilities,” said Vox Amvia’s Darlene Moneron, “however, we are finding that with many customers, fax has been forgotten or neglected.”

“This is a major risk,” said Moneron, “as faxes typically contain confidential details such as medical and financial information, and as a result, should be given top priority in any information protection strategy.”

“To assist customers in terms of fax privacy, Vox Amvia has launched a fax consulting service, to high volume fax users. The audit will look at the entire fax environment and highlight potential risk areas. This will be offered free to RightFax customers.”

“The consulting practice has been developed under the guidance of leading legal experts involved in drafting the legislation, as well as best practice methodologies from international markets.”

“We have already had great success in two leading financial and medical companies, who are in the process of implementing the best practice recommendations,” said Moneron. ”We believe that this program will add significant value to any company wishing to achieve fax compliance.”

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